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  1. What’s wrong with my Wi-Fi?
  2. Wi-Fi Scanner Tool is Native in Mac OS X, Here’s How to Use it
  3. The WiFi swiss-army knife for OSX.

When you select a wireless network in the upper pane of this tool, the lower pane displays the Wi-Fi information elements received from this device, in hexadecimal format. WifiInfoView also has a summary mode, which displays a summary of all detected wireless networks, grouped by channel number, company that manufactured the router, PHY type, or the maximum speed.

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Both bit and x64 systems are supported. If you don't have a compatible wireless adapter and driver, "cannot find wireless adapter" error will be displayed. In order to watch 5GHz wireless networks, you have to use a wireless network adapter that supports 5 GHz channels. Download links are on the bottom of this page Versions History Version 2. Version 2.

What’s wrong with my Wi-Fi?

Updated the internal MAC addresses file. The description specified in this list will be displayed under the 'Description' column.

The 'PHY Type' now displays multiple phy types e. Added 'Show only networks with detection count higher than Version 1. Added 'Channels Range' column, which shows the actual range of channels that the wireless network uses according to the channel width. To sort the first column you should not hold down the Shift key. The 'Cipher' column now displays more accurate information.

You can turn it off if you don't need the lower pane. Added 'WPS Support' column. Added 'Advanced Options' window F9 , which allows you to choose the wireless network adapter that will be used to scan the wireless networks. This option is useful if you have multiple wireless network adapters. Feb 11, Wireless networks are everywhere and we use them everyday. However, there are many factors that influence their performance and getting the most out of them is not an easy task.

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Mar 23, WiFi Explorer provides an option to display signal strength in dBm or percentage values. The purpose of this blog is to describe this conversion process in WiFi Explorer. Aug 11, In this blog post, I will briefly talk about how Wi-Fi scanning works, and then I will focus on how this process is accomplished in WiFi Explorer Pro, including the pros and cons of each scan mode.


Wi-Fi Scanner Tool is Native in Mac OS X, Here’s How to Use it

Aug 28, A beacon is a type of management frame in Beacon frames are transmitted by access points to announce the presence of the network to nearby clients and for other important network functions. Rather than examining the scan results in the app itself, you can visualize them in WiFi Explorer Pro 1. If you have any questions or comments please contact me. For more information click here. Ekahau and names of all Ekahau trademarked products are trademarks of Ekahau, Inc. RF Explorer is a registered trademark in EU and other countries.

Other names appearing on this site may be trademarks of their respective owners. Skip to main content. Simple, intuitive user interface WiFi Explorer gathers configuration and capability information about all the networks it discovers and presents it on an easy-to-use, intuitive user interface. NetSpot was released in August, NetSpot provides all professional wireless site survey features for Wi-Fi and maps coverage of a living area, office space, buildings, etc.

The WiFi swiss-army knife for OSX.

Also, the application can perform Wi-Fi network planning: the data that are collected help to select channels and placements for new hotspots. Survey reports can be generated in PDF format. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved December 21, Retrieved August 12,