Silverlight plug in failure for mac

How To Fix Mac Missing Plug-In Errors [MacRx]

  1. Steps for Windows 7 and Windows Vista
  2. How do I fix adobe flash plug in failure? | Adobe Community
  3. What to do when Netflix, Google, and other browser plug-ins won't update
  4. Silverlight Plug-in Failure

Reimage - a patented specialized Mac OS X repair program. It will diagnose your damaged computer. It will scan all System Files and Registry Keys that have been damaged by security threats. This patented repair process uses a database of 25 million components that can replace any damaged or missing file on user's computer.

To repair damaged system, you have to purchase the licensed version of Reimage malware removal tool. Continue to Page 2 Post a comment. Connect with:. Ask now online. Miners and how to avoid them How to fix Invalid Signature Detected? How to import Chrome Bookmarks to Safari? How to restore your Mac from a Time Machine backup?

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Steps for Windows 7 and Windows Vista

Partial or full use of information without the express written permission is prohibited. Supported by esolutions. You can not post a blank message. Please type your message and try again. I have the same question Show 1 Likes 1. This content has been marked as final. Show 4 replies. Also, my silverlight version is the most recent. I'm using Go to original post. I could certainly spoof my browser identifier and I have, occasionally - but then I get stuck being presented with the gosh-awful "mobile" experiences some other sites offer up.

Actually I do have Chrome around for those occasions when I truly need to go to some site which is, for some reason, still Flash-based. Fortunately those cases are few and far between. But I don't consider wanting to see a news story a "need" Users with "mobile" User-agent values get the H. Maybe you could force it to use h. This has always annoyed me. If I can go to a site with my iPad and it happily serves up content, then that means the web monkeys have already "solved" that site's Flash-dependency problem.

Probably for copy deterrence. Because major mobile browsers don't support the sort of extensions that desktop browsers such as Firefox support, it's easier for a user to run a stream recording extension on Firefox than in, say, Safari for iOS. So users of desktop browsers are required to do the streaming inside a piece of proprietary software that is opaque to browser extensions, namely Flash Player. Yeah, because that stopped everyone from creating Applications that I assume identified as Browsers, that you could point to a URL serving up FLV and capture a copy of virtually any streamed Flash video, right?

Oh, wait Fuck 'em. I only leave Flash installed on IE, and only fire up IE when I run across that rare website where there is no option than to enable Flash. Websites like that are exceedingly rare these days. It's usually just internal corporate crap that is only happy with IE anyway. I decided to see how long I could resist installing Flash. I am still Flash-free on that machine. Once in awhile I run into a site that won't show content; but the internet is big, and I would rather give my visits to sites without lazy web developers.

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How do I fix adobe flash plug in failure? | Adobe Community

Yeah, about that, as someone who works as a web developer, my reaction to reading this story was "Safari is at version 10 already? When did that happen? But they all have one thing in common: no one tests in Safari. If it's broken in Safari, the answer is "download Chrome.

3 macOS Sierra problems (and how to solve them)

That became the case once Apple terminated development of Safari for Windows. As opposed to all those 6 year old PCs that are running Windows 10 ever so reliably? Hell I've worked on 5 year old machines that were upgraded to Windows 10 with all sorts of mostly driver issues.

A iMac is actually 7 years old and still capable of running macOS. That's actually a massive achievement. News Flash 2: Get over it. Sometimes work requires the purchasing of tools. Ask any mechanic how much he gives to the Snap-On or Mac Tools man. It will make the cost of ANY computer seem like a trivial expense. Apple doesn't make a Mac in the size of the laptop on which I'm typing this comment and on which I do much of my web development and retro game development.

Furthermore, even if I bought a Mac used, it still wo. How should someone who relies on dual booting efficiently compare the behavior of Edge, IE 11, and Safari on the same code? But not on "a friend's mac" that you said I "can borrow", which turns out to be a Mac mini from How should I go about making more friends?

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The version of Safari I have is 9. I recall 8. I don't care for it, I like Seamonkey, the interface doesn't change, I get a sidebar full of links, folders of links, folders of folders of links, etc. And it works with my Smartcard where Safari seems to fuck it up for some sites, but not all. I guess they like to keep me guessing. You hope they're all supplied by default by the browser maker but utlimately all you're getting is one company vetting their video versus a different company vetting a different video. And it's still proprietary.

Sometimes it seems like if someone like Apple doesn't come along and force the issue the industry will happily sit on old technology for well past its use by date. Before it was AppleLink, it was Quantum Link [wikipedia. Floppy disks had their days long gone, but optical disks are still the best option for some applications - you don't have to worry if your boot DVD "firmware" was hacked by pluging it on a infected machine.

What to do when Netflix, Google, and other browser plug-ins won't update

There's also a huge amount of still usable software around the web that lacks the resources to be updated and will simply be lost. For sure a l. And on that note there's apparently a Flash 0-day out there that's being actively attacked [arstechnica. The thing I hate about Optical disks isn't the disk itself, it's that optical disc readers in computers are by far the least reliable piece of hardware on the box.

Even Apple's Optical Discs. The DVD drive on my iMac was replaced once under warranty, and the new one quit working about 6 months after my AppleCare ran out. I think the one on my MacBook Pro still works, but I can't even remember the last time I inserted a disc. Apple is notorious for this. They ditched floppy drives back when most hardware still shipped drivers on floppies. They switched to USB before most vendors were ready. Then they more or less abandoned optical drives when the world was awash in disks. It's a plugin that should never have existed to compete where no competition was needed, and it sucks all around.

I don't like Chrome either and for some ungodly reason Chrome is the only thing those two will respect where Linux is concerned, despite the fact Firefox will do HTML 5 video. I don't know about the companies you listed, but many other web developers no longer consider Firefox to be a relevant browser.

That means they don't even bother testing their sites with it.

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  8. Maybe the sites will work, maybe they won't. The latest web browser market share stats [caniuse. To put that into perspective, Firefox now has roughly the same number of users in total that individual versions of other browsers like IE 11 and iOS Safari 9. Even Opera Mini nearly has more users than Firefox has! Firefox has only about one-third the number of users that Chrome for Android has, and even Chrome for Android has fewer users than desktop Chrome.

    Yes, Firefox was once a significant player.

    Silverlight Plug-in Failure

    But that's no longer the case, now that Mozilla has driven away so many Firefox users by making one unwanted change after another. Firefox essentially cloned the worst parts of Chrome its UI and soon its extension system while ignoring the best parts of Chrome its excellent performance and low memory usage.

    Some people will wrongly blame "Google advertising" or claim that Firefox still has a "large absolute number of users", but those are both just excuses. Firefox's absolute number of users is still so proportionally small that it's not worth spending time and effort to support these users. It makes a lot more sense to ignore a few million Firefox users and instead focus on providing a better experience for the billions of people who use Chrome. Based on the current trends, Firefox will continue to see its market share shrink each month.