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  4. iGetter Is A Powerful, Full Featured Download Manager.
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Using the free version, you can use up to two connections to the same server, whereas the Pro version supports up to ten. What download manager makes the top of your list?

Fast Download Manager

Perhaps you even favor a wholly different application! Let us know in the comment what download manager gets your vote, and why. Explore more about: Download Management , Mozilla Firefox. Your email address will not be published.



I think the smart tagging system is one of the strongest features of Folx. If you're looking to at least partly automate the cataloging process, Folx is probably the go-to guy.

XDM - Free Download Manager For Windows, MacOS And Linux

Thanks for the tip, Emile. My only annoyance with it is that, although free to use, it keeps nagging you to buy the full version on every launch.

10 Best Download Manager for Mac [Free Downloaders]

Rob Nightingale. Top Deals.

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iGetter Is A Powerful, Full Featured Download Manager.

Folx is a download manager for Mac that enables you to download files from the Internet faster and easier than any web-browser. The Folx app resumes broken downloads, splits the content into multiple threads while downloading and allows you to optimize the download speed. The received content is stored and sorted in a very convenient way, by tags. Folx allows you to assign a tag — or two, or several — to a downloaded file, so it is easy to search for particular items.

Clicking a tag in the Tags panel will bring up a list of the files marked with the tag.

Folx offers extensions that can be integrated into Safari, Firefox, Opera or Chrome. These extensions enable you to download all, download selected and "download with Folx" the option targeted at one selected link. You can tell Folx what type of files are to be downloaded automatically. To increase speed download for Mac Folx splits content by downloaded it into threads.

In addition, Free Download Manager for Mac allows you to: adjust traffic usage; to organize and schedule downloads; download video from video sites; download whole web sites with HTML Spider; operate the program remotely, via the internet, and more!

Best Download Managers for Mac

Hide your real IP address and protect your privacy while online! Check out HMA! Pro VPN for Mac! Featuring an elegant, straightforward interface, Free Download Manager offers a unique set of best features and capabilities that allow you to speed up your internet downloads and get the files you want as effectively as possible. Features and Highlights Boost all your internet downloads up to 10 times Multi-threaded acceleration lets Free Download Manager simultaneously download different parts of the same file on the internet, which allows you to get files up to ten times faster and more accurately.