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As a result, leveraging the built-in tool will be our approach for MAC OS users for the immediate future. The different shutdown options work very well on Mac OSX Great to know that it works with USB, but I was referring to network-based shutdown. I didn't find any information about this other than the linked thread and some mentions about a decade old software versions. The current IPP doesn't seem to have a Mac version.


Software / Firmware

That's a shame. This is essentially my whole customer base. The problem I am having with maintaining connection between my Mac Mini computer and a recently purchased Eaton UPS, I am providing the following detail. Due to frequent power drop-outs occurring in the bushes, I decided to install an uninterruptible power supply. Prior to installing the UPS, I had the Mac Mini set up so that each night it would go to sleep at 11pm and wake up at 5am daily. The immediate visual indication of this was that the power status of the UPS was not appearing in the top menu bar. I was concerned that if a power failure occurred when the system was in the state of not recognising the UPS, the proper functioning of the UPS would not occur.

I confirmed that this was the case by disconnecting the mains power supply when the system was in a state of recognition, and noting that an orderly shut-down of the computer occurred after a pre-set time. Then at a time when the the system was not in a state of recognition, I disconnected the mains power supply, and noted that the UPS continued to provide power well past the pre-set time, and after half an hour, I stopped the test on the assumption that the UPS would continue feeding power to the computer till the UPS itself ran out of power. This has to a degree solved the problem, and in most cases when I activate the computer by pressing the keyboard Shift Key, the connection between computer and UPS is active.

However, there are occasionally times when I bring the system alive that the connection is not active immediately visible by the lack of power supply status in the menu bar. It is not a major issue to restart the computer and re-establish connection, but the lack of consistency and reliable performance of the system is concerning, and somewhat defeats the purpose of installing a UPS. I would appreciate it if you would pass this information on to your technical experts to see if they could conduct tests on a similar Eaton UPS with a computer running on the latest Mac Operating System to see if my problem is replicated and can be resolved.

Otherwise I may have to consider changing to another brand a move I would be reluctant to take as I am quite impressed with the quality of your UPS hardware. That's a shame, seems that direct USB connection isn't that reliable either. I've heard good things about their hardware, but at this stage I can't really use them.

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I'm following up with my support team. They said they'll try to duplicate what you're seeing early next week. I'll keep you posted. Our software support team tried to duplicate your issue Wednesday, but couldn't. I got straight onto Belkin with details. They admitted nothing, of course, and asked me to prepare a list of any equipment that was damaged, but arranged for an immediate next day replacement, with simultaneous collection on the faulty unit.

All done! Thank you for subscribing to updates from APC by Schneider Electric.

I then emailed them with all the details of the incident, as well as a list of the damaged components. After a week the UPS had to go to a "special" laboratory for assessment they emailed back words to the effect that "no fault has been found with the UPS. APC, on the other hand, produce professional kit, which is obviously slightly more expensive, have decent support, and the reassurance of dealing with a company that supplies many blue-chip companies running mission-critical servers with all manner of UPS equipment.

On a slightly different point, I later stupidly - I mean, what could go wrong with these things? To cut a long story short, the on-off switches on both extensions didn't work, and I left running despite having flicked the switch to the "off" position a very expensive piece of equipment for a few days, which overheated and was destroyed.

I telephoned Belkin about this rather serious matter an open invitation to electrocution and was told to take the item back to the store it was purchased from for an exchange. Like hell I was going to allow more of that crap in the office. Do yourself a favour as well as anyone else occupying the same property as Belkin equipment and get rid of the stuff.

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Apple Tips Using a U.P.S. System with a Desktop Mac

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The conversation on this page has been archived and is no longer active. Hi all, I've decided it's time to bite the bullet and upgrade my UPS when the power went out a couple of weeks ago I discovered the battery only had about 2 minutes worth of charge! Anyway, any pointers welcome as usual. Thanks, Ian. On May 19, am, Andy Hewitt wrote: A recently went through this myself too.

A daemon for controlling APC UPSes

Thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for. Until it caught fire, of course. On 19 May , ianpiper gmail. Cheers - Jaimie "A committee is a cul-de-sac down which ideas are lured and then quietly strangled. Jaimie Vandenbergh wrote: On 19 May , ianpiper gmail. You misspelt "ebay" as "ebuyer" then!

How to configure APC PowerChute Network Shutdown for VMware.

Cheers - Jaimie The glass, being topologically equivalent to a finite flat sheet, can be neither "full" nor "empty" : it may or may not have some beer balanced on it. Cheers, Chris. So you did, sorry. Cheers - J Note that despite substantial evidence to the contrary, it is in fact possible to delete files copied to the desktop, and you don't need to throw away the computer and get a new one once the desktop is full.