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  1. Connecting MacBook Air (2011-2017) to MacBook Pro (2008-2009)
  2. Tech Tip: How to Boot and Use a Mac in Target Disk Mode
  3. Just got a new computer, target disk mode not showing up?

Connecting MacBook Air (2011-2017) to MacBook Pro (2008-2009)

Here's a guide to what they all do. Read More. One of these is Target Disk Mode, which essentially turns your Mac into an external hard drive. By connecting two Macs together in this way, you can quickly transfer files, migrate your data to a new Mac, or access your startup disk when macOS refuses to boot. While regular backups are always essential , Target Disk Mode provides added peace of mind in case disaster strikes. Volumes mount virtually and instantly, and the use of a cable means that transfers are significantly faster than equivalent wireless methods.

You cannot use the target Mac while it is in Target Disk Mode. Your Mac essentially becomes an enclosure for your internal drive. Target Disk Mode was first introduced with the PowerBook in and has made it into most Mac models since then. Here's everything you need to know about your MacBook ports. Take your cable and connect both computers via the relevant Thunderbolt or FireWire ports.

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Connect any adapters you need for older machines. Only by manually encrypting the files on your hard drive can you truly keep your files safe.

Tech Tip: How to Boot and Use a Mac in Target Disk Mode

Wait for the drive to decrypt, then it should show up like any other external drive. Use Finder to browse files, copy to and from the drive, and then safely eject your drive. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This post was updated on July 12, Coinciding with the release of the MacBook Pro, Apple dropped the price of adapters needed to connect these computers to external devices using standard USB, or Thunderbolt. Apple computers have always included a handy feature known as Target Disk Mode to allow for easy transfer of files from once computer to another.

There are number of options for this. If both Macs are running macOS Sierra or later, you can just place them next to each other and make sure WiFi is switched on both machines. Clever, huh?

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And any Firewire cable can be used to connect Firewire-to-Firewire. The old Mac will now mount as a disk volume on the new Mac. If you did, you can skip them. Likewise, if you wanted to migrate from a Time Machine Backup or cloned drive, you would give these four steps a miss.

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  8. If you choose to transfer them, the whole account will be transferred and a new account created with the same name. If you do, a new account will be created on the new Mac with the new name you provide. The transfer could take several hours, depending on how much data there is to copy, so go and make a coffee!

    Just got a new computer, target disk mode not showing up?

    The process of transferring files from a Time Machine backup is the same as described above, except that you can ignore all the steps that involve the old Mac. On the next screen, choose the backup you want to migrate. The fewer files Migration Assistant has to transfer, the quicker it will be. It identifies files you can safely remove from your Mac, including system junk, unnecessary Photos files, and large and old files.

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