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You can create goals and then share with friends and family. They can then track your progress and make donations, using PayPal or Amazon, to help you reach them. Personal fundraising has never been easier. We provide a way to track your budget easily from any internet connection or any cellular phone, so that you can enter in your transactions as they happen. Our first goal was to provide a complete, easy, and customizable budgeting solution. After several e-mails of suggestions to be added to the site, BudgetTracker has grown into much more than just a Budgeting Tool.

You can save your Bills, Income, Transactions, Budget, and tie all these together in a Calendar that can either send reminders to your email address or your cellular phone. The best part of our site is that all of these ideas came from you! Get spending insights and monitor activity on all your accounts at a single place. Buxfer is an easy to use budgeting solution. Instead, that information resides on your computer through a Firefox plugin and Buxfer then uses that information to download transactions from your bank. As an online checkbook, you enter your receipts into the site and assign each transaction to an account and category.

This way you will always know what transactions have been cleared with the bank and how much money you have. We know you have better things to do with your time. Yodlee: Yodlee is not primarily a personal finance software company. In fact, most of its customers are large financial institutions, and Yodlee helpls secure online transaction processing.

But it has developed the Yodlee MoneyCenter that helps consumers budget their finances. If you know of other personal finance programs we should add to the list, please leave a comment below. Our Day Money Challenge will help you get out of debt, save more, and take back control of your life.

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What Are The Best Alternatives To Quicken?

Best Sellers in Personal Money Management. Windows 8.

Online Budgeting Software Options

PC Attorney. Photo Explosion Deluxe 5. Moneydance - personal financial management app [Online Code]. Bear Village Galaxy Tab a Quicken Deluxe - [Old Version].

Digital money tools can save time and trouble. Here’s the lowdown on their use and safety.

What makes Personal Capital different to many budgeting apps is that it also helps you save money on existing investments. For example, the retirement fee analyzer immediately identifies areas where you may be getting ripped-off or over charged with K admin or management fees. The investment analyzer does the same for your investments to see where your existing investments and holdings can be diversified to improve your returns.

By telling Personal Capital exactly how much income you expect to have in retirement, Personal Capital calculates exactly how on or off track you are. It can also assess the impact on your k of major life events such as the birth of a child, illness, college fees etc. Or it can be used to assess how your immediate finances could be improved if you get a lump sum and eliminate expensive premiums by getting a free estimate on selling your life insurance policy.

It uses Yodlee which is a highly secure financial credentials management system used by major banks and investment institutions worldwide. There are other measures that Personal Capital takes to encrypt and protect your data which you can read more about here. So what are the drawbacks to all this? Well, like any finance tool for Mac Personal Capital is not perfect. However, this is less of an issue now anyway since Quicken has removed the option to export files in QIF format from the Mac version anyway although the Windows version of Quicken still exports to QIF.

If you have a fixed payment such as salary or pension that posts on the 1st of every month and it falls on a weekend or holiday, the transaction will appear in Personal Capital as the last banking day before that. This means Personal Capital will show that you have a double payment in the same month which messes up your budget. For more information, you can check out our full Personal Capital review.

You can also open a Personal Capital account for free to judge for yourself. If Cloud based apps are not your thing and you want a dedicated Mac desktop app, Moneyspire formerly Fortora Fresh Finance is an excellent no-nonsense personal budgeting software for both Mac and Windows.

Review: MoneyWiz a sleek personal finance Mac app

Moneyspire supports online bill payments though via both Direct Connect and its own Moneyspire Connect service both of which are free to use. Moneyspire is a very complete alternative to Quicken on Mac which tracks bank accounts, credit cards, loans, investments and more. You can set bill reminders, budgets and generate detailed reports and charts to monitor your outgoings and if you run a small business, you can also create professional invoices and track payments.

It can even print checks which most finance apps no longer support anymore on Mac.

It gives a very clear overview of everything from accounts and details of spending to bill reminders and budgets. You can generate detailed reports and charts to see exactly where your money is going to make tax reporting less stressful and much easier. Reconciling of accounts in particular is a very useful feature when it comes to budgeting and you can see how it works below.

Unlike with Quicken, updates to Moneyspire are free but major updates usually require an upgrade fee. You can also check our full Moneyspire review for more. Banktivity formerly iBank is designed specifically for Mac and has long been one of the most popular desktop replacements for Quicken on Mac. Long before Quicken for Mac, Banktivity supported things like online banking integration, bill pay, envelope and full year budgeting, loan amortization and multi-currency support.

Some of these things have now been introduced in the latest version of Quicken for Mac but Banktivity still remains an excellent personal finance app for macOS. You can see how this works below. Banktivity will automatically connect to and download transactions from your bank or other financial institution in real time. It offers various ways of doing this with the most reliable and widely supported being Direct Access.

Other free ways of connecting are available though. There are Quick Reports for instant overviews of the essentials and you can create highly customized reports for virtually any kind of spending. Banktivity supports traditional and envelope budgeting with useful setup wizards to get you going. Banktivity is designed exclusively for the Apple ecosystem with iOS apps to help you monitor and enter transactions on the move.

So for example, you can see all of your holdings with the current gains or losses in real time with data pulled from Yahoo Finance. You can also try a 30 day free trial. For a more in-depth look, you can also read our full Banktivity review. Moneydance has many satisfied customers that previously used Quicken and is an excellent desktop equivalent to Quicken on Mac. Moneydance has all of the features of Quicken including online banking and bill payments , bill attachments and arguably has better investment tracking and budgeting tools than Quicken.

Moneydance is particularly good at handling investments and transactions in multiple currencies so is an excellent choice for those that hold investments or make purchases in currencies other than US dollars. Moneydance provides a very clear overview of your finances. It gives you all the essentials such as account balances, upcoming and overdue transactions and exchange rate information.

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The calendar overview is particularly useful for a quick oversight of upcoming credits and debits so you can manage your finances for that month more easily. Moneydance can import Quicken files in QIF format although we noticed several duplicate transactions which had to be manually adjusted. Moneydance can automatically download transactions and make bill payments online to hundreds of financial institutions. However, online banking is only available via Direct Connect and we found this can be tricky to setup in Moneydance.

Investment tracking is also easier to navigate and more powerful than Quicken, with support for stocks, bonds, CDs and mutual funds among others. You can see the total value of your investments or the performance of individual stocks and mutual funds over time.

Moneydance will also download stock prices automatically in real time. Moneydance also has some powerful reporting tools that compare favorably with Quicken and it can generate reports for any of your accounts, savings or investments. You can also extend its functionality with add-ons and extensions for such things as a Balance Predictor, Debt Insights and a Find and Replace extension. Overall Moneydance is a solid financial software for Mac to replace Quicken especially if you need reliable online banking integration.

You can also check out our full Moneydance review. Mint is owned by Intuit the makers of Quicken and is basically a free, lighter and less powerful version of Quicken. The biggest difference between Mint and Quicken is there is no automatic online bill pay feature in Mint so if this is a deal breaker for you, move on. In fact many people use Mint for day-to-day budgeting alongside Personal Capital to manage their finances. Mint also has one of the best mobile apps out there for budgeting. The Mint iPad and iPhone app looks good, gives a clear overview of your finances and is easy to navigate.

Like many personal finance apps, Mint can take time to update your balances and transactions and can be affected by changes made by your bank to the way third-party apps communicate with it. Sometimes this means you have to delete an account in order to reconnect it and the problem with this is that you lose your account history in Mint.

List of Personal Finance Software Options

They are completely separate products. Overall however, as a more basic free alternative to Quicken, Mint is an excellent budgeting tool for Mac users. SEE Finance 2 is designed specifically for Mac and used to be the closest thing you could get to Quicken before Intuit finally released Quicken for Mac. Despite the launch of Quicken, the makers have continued to develop SEE Finance into a very reliable, robust and feature packed personal budgeting app for Mac. In fact the latest version of SEE Finance 2 has been built from the ground up and is a big improvement on SEE Finance 1 in terms of both looks, functionality and affordability.

This is what dying software looks like: Quicken 2012

Investment tracking is also very well done in SEE Finance 2 with a clear and varied overview of your investments with lots of different reports. SEE Finance 2 is also very good at handling multiple currencies with over different currencies supported. You can connect to banking institutions via Direct Connect which will automatically download transactions and import data from others.

This is easy to setup and use in SEE Finance and pretty reliable at syncing and updating account. SEE Finance 2 is a massive improvement on the first version and remains a fast, reliable and slick app to manage your finances on Mac.