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Part 1: How to Mirror iPhone to Mac using QuickTime

  1. Mirror your Mac, iPhone or iPad on TV
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  3. Feasible ways to mirror iPhone on Mac
  4. Mirror your Mac, iPhone, iPad to your Smart TV screen - AirBeamTV

Airdroid is another awesome application is often considered the best mirroring application on the app store.

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  4. How to Show iPhone Screen on Mac.

Its 3 rd upgrade has introduced a highly stable and optimized mirroring application called AirMirror. It aims to decrease connectivity and usage patterns between devices by allowing minimal data transfer and effective device mirroring through its inbuilt API.

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  • It is available for both Mac and Windows OS and future releases target other operating systems. The user has to download a desktop client and a mobile application to control the mobile device from the desktop.

    Later on, the company added additional functionalities that allow it to mirror the complete device instead of just gaining access to limited information. As it is still in its beta release, some features may hang up or stop working after some time due to memory allocation problems but constant upgrades to the app keeps on improving its functionality.

    You can also control your Android device with Airdroid. We covered it recently i n this post , check it out.

    Mirror your Mac, iPhone or iPad on TV

    Cross-device access and control is important to support seamless connectivity among your devices. Applications like the above may pave the way for necessary functionalities that can be inbuilt into OS by the manufacturer themselves.

    Advanced programs to mirror iPhone on Mac

    But enabling cross-device application usage is not as easy as it may seem. Varied device architectures and platforms need varied application designs. An application designed for one OS can hardly be run in another. Therefore, only higher level applications that run on runtime environments can maintain necessary cross-device functionality. Not just the three applications, I also know a program, called ApowerMirror, can do this. And it can record and take screenshot of iOS devices too.


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    Feasible ways to mirror iPhone on Mac

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    Mirror your Mac, iPhone, iPad to your Smart TV screen - AirBeamTV

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