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Suffolk Seasider - Not quite sure what you mean by swipe. Sometimes you have to stand in the shadows; to see the light. On a mac you could "swipe" with two fingers on the mouse from one screen to another. Out and In of the game - that was brilliant - but i can't do this in FM18? Also a Mac user and this isn't working for me anymore either!

I have been using command and tab as an alternative for now.

Football Manager 2013

DannyLCFC1 - Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone can help. Im throwing away my old mac and buying a new computer mainly for FM Can anyone help me choose one of these two as i don't have a clue about computers Login to post a comment Login Register. Every cloud, eh? Where is your partner? It s been quiet for a really long time. There s an envelope on the kitchen table with your name on it. You definitely saw it on the last coffee run, but you didn t open it. Maybe there s a clue in there. Maybe not. It doesn t matter.

You re just one player away from challenging for the title.

The latest version of the classic Football Manager series

And then you ll be a winner. And then they ll see. They ll all see. Football Manager release date announced, pre-orders come with beta access. Attention, ballfoot fans!

fm quit unexpectedly (mac) :: Football Manager General Discussions

Get out the iron and flatten out those touchline suits. The latest iteration of Football Manager will go live on Steam at one minute past midnight on November 02, and you can get in two weeks early if you pre-order from one of these places. That's according to an announcement post on the Football Manager site, which explains that the beta version "will be very close to the final game. Beta saves will be compatible with the full game when it's released. You can hear about this year's updates, and the new classic mode, from the ever-affable Miles Jacobson in our Football Manager interview.

If you'd rather get the goods via your eyes have a look at the Football Manager announcement video. Football Manager Miles Jacobson interview. What prompted you to introduce it? After we finished FM11 I actually brought it up in the post-mortem afterwards: I asked how many people had played the game and most of the younger guys in the studio put their hands up.

And then I put it into production this year. And the only way to do it while keeping the simulation completely sacrosanct was to have a new game mode in there. Are there any further options within Classic mode that players can turn on or off to further adjust the game? There are ways to turn other things off inside the game which basically involve DLC, as it would in a lot of other games. Have any of the refinements you made been informed by your work on the iOS and Android versions?

Very much so. The perfect example of that with Handheld was the Challenge mode which went down better than we ever imagined it would. Tell us a little more about these unlockable modifiers — are they essentially cheats of a form?

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Because cheats is a bad word, apparently. It was even better when games were written in BASIC and you could just find the cash line and change it. They just speed the game up for people. Is that the thinking behind having some of them as premium content? Yeah, completely. They are completely optional, and besides, we need to experiment with DLC for the future because of the way that the games market is going.

What we enforced as a rule when it came to the extra content was that none of it would be stuff that people need. Seven out of the 12 or 13 unlockables are achievable in game by reaching certain targets, so if you win certain competitions that will the unlockable for you anyway.

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So you can think of them as extra features, if you like - you get some as rewards and then six of them are essentially cheats. If you want to take over a lower league team in Belgium and buy Leo Messi for them, you can, but again there are people out there who just want the best team as is humanly possible. So why should we stop them having the possibility of doing it if they want to? Yeah, you can do that in the Sim mode. There are also other changes that have happened in the football world that maybe work better as a computer simulation than in the real world, such as man squads.

But then we do also have the sugar daddies in there and you do get stupid sponsorship deals every now and again. We have to be mindful of the fact that it happens in real life and so it happens in the game as well. I suppose there are different targets according to how much money you have in the game anyway… Yes, of course. Do you ever think perhaps you might have to scale back a little from the real thing, or is the intent always to create a totally comprehensive simulation? All of which is why we now have a projection within the game so that people can actually see how everything they do is going to affect their budget — not just for the rest of the season, but for two years in the future as well.

So when things become complicated, we find easier ways for it to be explained to people. How have you changed the network game? Well, we essentially threw away the old network game and brought it into the 21st century. We were still stuck in , with people having to type in their IP address and be the host with other servers going into them. And because of that we kept in the other mode in case people still want to use that.

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We have four different TV feeds coming into the office, so we watch a lot of those camera angles, particularly for replays. So are these legal requirements? Various licences work in various different ways. Last year there were some new animations but we stayed away from changing the AI because we were already working on it for this year. So when can we expect the release date to be announced? Football Manager announced — video reveals new features. SI suggests that FMC allows players to complete an entire season in hours.

There are five challenges in total, each lasting around half a season, and all recreating scenarios common to the beautiful game: attempting to win trophies with a team of youngsters, for example, or escaping relegation after footing the table over the festive season. If the mode proves popular, SI has promised to provide further downloadable challenges throughout the year, which may or may not include being asked to win the title after losing your star striker to an extended golfing holiday for two-thirds of the campaign.

Football Manager has been released, and like every year, the same questions are being asked: Why does a game that looks like Microsoft Excel sell so well? Why would you want to manage footballers when they could be playing them? Why do so many people play it for hours on end? Well I've played a lot of Football Manager over the years, so I'm going to try and explain why. It's because despite all the stats and number crunching, Football Manager is a game about stories. It's about the little narratives that emerge from every game. Like this one. The story of Shane Paul.

This tale comes from way back in Football Manager I was doing the same thing I do every year; trying to win the Champion's League with my beloved Aston Villa. In my way were Italian giants Inter Milan, who had more money, a better squad and a long tradition of winning things. The first leg of the game had not gone well.

Inter had come to Villa Park and made us look like schoolboys playing against adults. They sauntered down the pitch like we weren't even there and scored twice, then did what Italian teams do best: shut us down and sat on their lead. Worse than that, they also inflicted a series of niggling injuries on my team. Not enough to put people out for long, but just enough to ensure that I'd have to fill my bench with inexperienced youth players, and pray that I'd never need to use them.

Enter Shane Paul. Shane was one of my youth team, he was only eighteen at the time, but already my coaches were telling me he wasn't going to make it at this level. There were better prospects in the squad, but I was incredibly short of left sided players and. Sixty minutes into the Inter game, things were still not going well.

The Italians knew they had a good lead and a home advantage, so they played a strong defensive game. No matter how often we attacked they held us off confidently. I tried everything; I tried to hold back and keep the ball, I pushed forward recklessly, I changed formation, I upped the aggression, I did every tactical tweak I could think of, but nothing worked. Clearly it was time to make some changes. The problem was that, because of the injuries, I didn't have much in the way of substitutes.

Most of my bench was statistically worse than the players on the pitch, but sometimes freshness counts, so young Shane was sent out for an under performing left winger. That's the thing about Football Manager, once in a while all the sensible tactics fall flat, and that's when you start trying the crazy ones. Playing an inexperienced youngster out of position in a major match? This was a desperation move, and I knew it. For another half hour, little changed. We pushed them hard, but they would not be moved.

They were determined to shut us out, and we couldn't stop them. Shane popped up once or twice but he wasn't distinguishing himself, my fairytale story was over, this was where it would end. Most of the time, this is what happens. In Football Manager, like real football, for every cherished tale of triumph against adversity there are dozen of ignominious defeats, but once in a while Again we gallop forwards, again we hopelessly toss the ball into the box.

There's no art any more, we're too tired for that, there's only five minutes left in the game after all. The cross is vague and messy, easily fielded by the solid Inter defenders, who go to boot it clear The Inter captain has mis-kicked the ball horribly, it bounced awkwardly to one of my midfielders who cannons it into the box, it bounces off a defender, into another, a striker goes for it and slips on the muddy ground, everyone scrambles for desperately for the ball, but only ones reaches it. Stretching, sliding, the left foot of Shane Paul gets the slightest of touches, and deflects the ball into the opposing net.

The crowd explode, they haven't had anything to cheer for two whole games, but suddenly the previously impregnable Inter defence has fallen to a flailing teenager's boot. Shane grabs the ball and runs back up the field, plonking it straight into the centre circle. The message is clear, your move Inter, you have five minutes to stop us from scoring again. This should be easy, Inter are experts at keeping the ball, so long as they don't panic, so long as they aren't rattled by the last minute goal and accidentally send an awkward pass right into the path of my striker, they'll be fine.

Only they do panic, they are rattled, and that's exactly what they do. Suddenly we're bursting forward again, and the Italian defenders are no longer confident and aloof, they're jittery and unsure. The ball is flicked forward and it's Shane Paul, the unknown teenager who has it at his feet. He has no support, there are three men between him and the goalmouth, but these men are uncertain, scared of losing, while the boy is riding high on the confidence of scoring his first Champion's League goal.

He jinks, he swivels, the first man man can't keep up with him, the second slides in early, missing his chance, but the last is cleverer, he stays on his feet, jockeying the young boy for the ball. Shane Paul has a strength of eight out of twenty, and the defender has more than twice that. It should be easy for him to push the teenager off the ball, but the young lad just won't give it up, he wants that second goal, and he won't be denied. This is the thing that makes Football Manager special. The fact that, despite all the precise stats and complex tactics, there's an element of randomness inherent in the match engine.

I don't know what sorcery makes it possible, but nothing is quite certain in a Football Manager game. Sometimes a goalkeeper plays a blinder and stops your team short, sometimes that world class striker develops an attitude problem and just doesn't work out and sometimes, just sometimes, an unknown teenager leaves three veteran defenders trailing in his wake, before slotting the ball away like he's been doing it all his life.

This time it wasn't just the crowd that went insane, I leapt out of my chair and cheered, I was ecstatic, I think I may have even done a little dance there, in my room, by myself. The game wasn't over of course, we may have taken away the lead Inter had held for nearly three hours, but we still had to finish them off. Extra time came and went, both sides were too exhausted to conjure much, this one was going to penalties. I don't remember the order, but I do remember that by the time it got to the final penalty I needed to score to win, but I hadn't changed my penalty order to adjust for the injuries.

The computer would pick for me, anyone could be stepping up. Of course you can guess who did. That's right. Shane Paul. He hit that ball so hard I'm pretty sure there was a sonic boom. It flew straight down the middle, the keeper dove away from it like a pillock. We'd done it. Like football, fairytales don't happen that often in Football Manager, but they do happen, and they happen just slightly more often than they do in real life.

Just enough to keep things interesting, but not so much that it lessens the impact when they do. The tale sort of tapers off at that point. I started Shane in the final, against Real Madrid, but it was uneventful. Real inexplicably decided to play a pair of midgets in defence, so I trotted out the massive Peter Crouch and cheerfully headed home three goals without reply. Shane did little to distinguish himself. I signed him up for another year, despite my coaches misgivings I was convinced he was secretly amazing and his stats were a lie.

This turned out to be optimistic. Despite my attempts to play him, he never really inspired again and I sold him on. Years later, when I finally stopped playing that game, I looked him up again. He was in his mid twenties, plying his trade for a small league one team and looking well off the pace.

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Shane's career might not have gone anywhere, but I like to think that every now and again he thinks back to that one day, the time he took apart some of the best players in the world, and thinks 'Yeah, it was worth it'. Of course I know that Shane Paul is just a collection of statistics, just a little dot on the match engine. I also know there's a real Shane Paul whose career is nothing like the tale I've described. None of that matters.

To me, Shane Paul will always be that one story. The kid who came from nowhere and went back there, but had a hell of a time in between. This is why people play Football Manager, because every one of them has a story like that, of something incredible that happened out of nowhere. I'm sure you all have them too, so why not share them in the comments? The best ones will be bundled together and put into a post for everyone to see.

If you haven't played Football Manager before, give it a try. You might just find your own Shane Paul. Football Manager demo out now.

Football Manager 2013 Screenshots

If you manage to put together a decent squad and can't bear to lose them, you'll be able to carry over all of your progress into the full version when it's released on October That's 2. Football Manager fans have voiced their anger at the integration of Steamworks into Football Manager The move to Steam means copies of the game will need to be activated online before being able to play. Eurogamer indicates 40 pages of comments reacting to the news on the Sports Interactive forums, with thousands of posts from fans angry with the changes.

Some fans are threatening to boycott the series until the online activation requirement is removed. Sega tell Eurogamer that Football Manager has moved to Steam to combat piracy. Having worked with Steam for a few years now we also believe that their system is ever improving and gives Football Manager players a good service of free auto-updating, achievements and other great benefits without cost or hassle. For many hardcore FM players, Football Manager will be one of the only games they play. It's interesting to see the reaction of fans from a community less less desensitized to the growing extremity of many publishers' anti-piracy solutions.

Are you a Football Manager player? Let us know what you think about FM 's move to Steam. Football Manager release date announced, scouting detailed. Sports Interactive recently announced that the latest entry in the veteran Football Manager series would be out later this year.