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Clocks Any clock that is started from here will only show up on the Stage Display. Live Video This will enable your selected camera input that you set in Preferences. Page 39 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual! Media Browser This opens the Media Browser. The Media Browser will be covered in more detail later in this user guide. Stage Display Message This will open a message window that sends a message to just the Stage Display if it is enabled in the Stage Display layout.

Mask The Mask layer is another layer available in presentaMons. The Mask layer will be covered in more detail later in this user guide. Page 40 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual! These are the global sesngs that apply to every presentaMon in the library. To change the copyright elements that are shown Title, ArMst, publishing informaMon, etc.

This will open the opMons shown below. The tokens on the lec are the acMve tokens, meaning these are the ones that will be shown. The column on the right shows all of the opMons available. You can add and remove tokens from the lec column by clicking and dragging them in and out of the right column.

Page 41 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual! Clicking on Edit Template will open the Template Editor and allow you to format the posiMon and text sesngs for your copyright informaMon. If you want to see how text will look formaHed, add any text you want since this will be replaced automaMcally. Page 42 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual! To access the copyright informaMon, click on the blue info buHon next to the presentaMon Mtle at the top of the slide viewer. If you want to have mul6ple copies of a presenta6on, but show the correct copyright informa6on for each presenta6on, just change the name of the presenta6on in the library and leave this as is.

The rest of this panel is covered later in this user guide. Page 43 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual! CCLI only requires that you report when you add a song to your library, not how many Mmes you use the song. You can reset this list to make it easy for you to track your songs during each reporMng period. Page 44 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual! Instead of placing a physical object in front of your projectors, you can draw a Mask in ProPresenter, or using Photoshop to create custom projecMon areas.

Masks can only be enabled and disabled from the Mask module. You will need to customize your toolbar to add the Mask module buHon.

Does anyone have a unlock code for propresenter ?

This is the same thing as a cable channel logo that is shown on TV. Messages and Countdowns are also shown in the Props layer, in addiMon to actual Prop. They contain the bulk of the informaMon most users will be displaying. There are several addiMonal features that will be covered later in this user guide.

Page 45 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual! There are two variaMons on this layer: Backgrounds and Foregrounds. They persist across mulMple slides and conMnue to display unMl cleared or another background is triggered. They will clear the output when triggered and be cleared when another slide is triggered. If a background is acMve, you will need to clear the background in order to see the Live Video source. Background Color This is the default color you want to show when absolutely nothing else is shown on the screen by default this is set to black.

Page 46 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual! Working with Templates Templates allow you to quickly reformat a song to a new layout, or to change an enMre set of songs. You can apply Templates to new or exisMng documents, and they can be used to completely change the look of a presentaMon in a maHer of seconds.

When you are imporMng or creaMng a new song, you are able to change the Template that is being used. The previously used Template will always be used unless you change it. There are two opMons for creaMng new slides in a presentaMon. In the image below, you can see a plus sign and a down arrow. If you click the down arrow you will see a list of Templates. SelecMng a template will create a slide with those properMes. This will also become the Template used when clicking the plus buHon in that presentaMon.

If you need to change the Template used for an enMre document or mulMple documents click the Template buHon in the toolbar and choose your Template. If you need to change several presentaMons at once, select the Mtles in the Library or Playlist, then choose your new Template. You can create new Templates from any of these Template menus. Page 47 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual! These three bins are your iniMal organizaMonal tools for your media.

When you download the free media bundle, it will be added to the Purchased folder. You can further organize your content into playlists. You can also add media directly from the Finder into a playlist. If you need to organize your playlists further you can create a new Group Folder black folder icon. Folders are really useful to organize playlists of special purpose media like this. Media cannot be added directly to a folder. Hot Folders are used to link directly to a folder on your computer.

Media cannot be added to a Hot Folder from within ProPresenter. Page 48 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual! Media in a Hot Folder is not included in the Backgrounds or Foregrounds bins. There are a number of opMons that you can use to sort your media. Select the transiMon you want your media to use and set the duraMon, then click Done.

Page 49 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual! Page 50 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual! If you have use iMovie you may be familiar with this interface since it is similar to the media browser in that program. To use content from the Media Browser, click and drag it to the slide that you want it applied to. Links pull the bookmarks from Safari and can then be added to a playlist and will open the Web Browser when selected. Page 51 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual! This will open the window shown below. If you have a longer video and only want to show part of it, this is where you can make those changes without having to edit the original video.

If you need to change the thumbnail or remove the custom in and out points, use the two buHons below the playback controls. If you have mulMple audio output sources from your computer USB interface and standard headphone output , you can select one of those outputs from this menu to preview the audio of a video in the Cue Inspector. Page 52 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual! Page 53 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual!

These arrows are shown when you select mulMple media cues and open all of them in the Inspector. Image Blur applies a blurring mask to the enMre video or image. Moving the slider lec and right will change how much blurring is used. Edge Blue applies a circular blurring mask from the outer edges.

The the sliders change the amount of blurring that is applied. Hue, SaturaMon, Contrast, and Brightness change the basic look of the video or image. Page 54 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual! Page 55 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual! Page 56 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual! These formats are cross compaMble between the Mac and Windows versions. A bundle is a compressed folder similar to a. Bundles include presentaMon documents. This can be a single presentaMon or a playlist with bundled media.

Page 57 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual! These can be song documents, scripture presentaMons, speaker notes, announcement loops, or any other custom presentaMon types.

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Clicking on a presentaMon name in the Library will immediately open that document in the slide viewer and allow you to being using it immediately. If you want to change the order that the results are sorted, click on either Title, Category, or Last Used. Rename: Change the name of the presentaMon. Category: Change the presentaMon category. Resize: Change the size of one or more presentaMons. Duplicate: Creates a duplicate copy of the presentaMon. Print: Opens the Print dialog. Export Pro5 Bundle: This will be covered in more detail later in this user guide.

Page 58 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual! Page 59 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual! Using mulLple libraries ProPresenter allows you to link mulMple presentaMon libraries to the program. There are two ways to get started with mulMple libraries. Open Preferences then click on the General tab. Use these same two locaMons to change the acMve Library at any Mme.

Page 60 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual! Acer you have selected Manage Library using one of these methods, you will see the menu shown below. This will show you the currently linked libraries. This will open the Finder. Browse to where you want to add the new library, create the folder and select it. It will be added to this list. The second place is inside your default library folder. Using either of these two locaMons can cause problems with your Library. We recommend keeping your library stored on your computer to avoid any problems.

Page 61 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual! Playlists Immediately below the Library is the Playlist manager. Playlists are a way to create an outline of your service or event with all the elements contained in a single list. Planning Center Online Playlists allow you to connect to your Planning Center Online account and pull in the order of service directly into ProPresenter. This will be covered in more detail later in this use guide. To create a playlist, click on the acMon menu in the lower lec corner and select the type of playlist you want to create, or select to create a folder.

Note: Playlists are used to organize presenta6ons and media. Group Folders are used to organize your Playlists. If you want to move a playlist into a Folder, drag the playlist name to the Folder and it will be moved into the Folder. You can also drag the playlist name directly to another folder on your computer to automaMcally export the playlist with all the media.

Page 62 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual! This will be covered later as there are other sesngs available from there. You are required to have an ac6ve Planning Center Online account to use this feature. Acer you login, you will see a second window asking you to authorize ProPresenter to connect to your account. Page 63 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual!

This is also the window you will be taken directly to when you add future PCO Playlists in ProPresenter since you will already be connected to your account. If no matches are found, you will need to add the songs to ProPresenter and then link them to the PCO playlist. ProPresenter 5 can recognize the extra playlist elements that are available in Planning Center, making these playlists even more useful to you and your volunteers because you can add notes directly in the playlist. There is currently no way to modify the order of a PCO playlist.

If you need to add or change an element, change it from within your PCO account and refresh the playlist. If you prefer to make changes to the playlist within ProPresenter, you can right-click on the playlist name and select Convert to non-PCO to turn it into a standard ProPresenter playlist. You will not be able to undo this and changes will not be made in Planning Center. Once ProPresenter has scanned your PCO playlist for changes, you will see an alert about aHachments at the top of the playlist. Page 64 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual! If you choose to Upload, the. Click Apply to make the necessary changes to the Library and the playlist.

If you realize that the wrong version of a song was linked to the PCO playlist, you can unlink it by clicking on the Unlink buHon. Page 65 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual! The default view is the Grid View, which shows larger thumbnails of each slide. Grid View is designed to show you a large thumbnail of your slide so that you can easily see the design of the slide. Table View shows you a smaller thumbnail, but shows makes it easier to read the slide content.

Slide notes are also visible in this view. Page 66 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual! When you click on a slide, it will immediately be sent to your output screen. Any media will also be shown if included with the slide.

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When a slide is live, it has an orange outline around it so that you can quickly see which slide is being shown. In Table View, the enMre row will be orange, as shown in the previous image. To mov slides, click and drag the slide thumbnail. You will see drop indicators while moving the slide around to show you were it will be inserted in the presentaMon. Slides can be duplicated within a presentaMon, making it easy for you to create slides for repeated secMons of a presentaMons. DuplicaMng is similar to copying and then pasMng a slide. A disabled slide will be skipped when advancing through a presentaMon using the space bar or arrow keys, and will also be grayed out to indicate it is disabled.

Disabled slides can sMll be used if you click on the slide or use a hot key to select it. Slides can be labeled and grouped together in ProPresenter. Page 67 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual! Note: Once you start using Slide Groups, every slide in that presentation must be part of a group. This second scenario is shown in the image below. You can right click on any slide to start a new group for the slides between that slide and the next group. Groups can be renamed by repeaMng the naming process and selecMng a new name.

ProPresenter 6.3.4 Crack 12222 With Activation Code Free Download

Page 68 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual! You will also noMce that each group is now represented in the bar between the Mtle and the slide thumbnails. This is where you access Arrangements and can create new arrangements, and delete or rename exisMng arrangements. The buHon is outlined in red in the image below. Once you have grouped your slides into the correct groups, you can make adjustments if necessary. When you drag slides around in the presentaMon you will see lec and right arrows that are the same color as the group that you hovering over, or a verMcal teal colored bar that indicates you are adding the slides between groups.

The image below shows moving a slide into a group, as indicated by the green arrow. Hold the OpMon key while dragging will duplicate, rather than move, the selected slide.

Propresenter 6 Full mac

If you duplicate a group in the presentaMon, you will see a new group added to the Arrangements toolbar. This new group will funcMon independent of the other one even though the name is the same. You may want to change the name on this new group to make it clear which one you are using in the Arrangement. Page 69 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual! To create a new Arrangement for your presentaMon, open the Arrangements toolbar and click on the opMons menu on the lec and select Add New Arrangement. You will be prompted to name this new arrangement. Once you have created your new arrangement you will need to drag the groups into that you want to be shown in that new arrangement.

Click on the tokens in the top row and drag them to the second row to organize your arrangement. If you repeat a group in your arrangement, any edits made to one of those instances will apply to the others. This also applies to any changes made to the text on a slide.

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The selected arrangement is stored as part of the playlist data, so exporMng the playlist will maintain the proper arrangement when you open it on another computer. Page 70 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual! This will typically only be used for songs since the primary data is copyright informaMon. To access this informaMon, click on the blue info buHon to the lec of the presentaMon name in the slide viewer. When you click this buHon, it will open the panel shown in the image below.

The copyright informaMon is used when displaying the copyright informaMon, which is covered later in this user guide. Notes that are added here are shown at the top of the presentaMon in a dark gray bar above the Mtle. Notes are useful if you need to include a general reminder about something related to the presentaMon for the person running ProPresenter.

In addiMon to the copyright informaMon and the chord chart, you can also change the default slide color, size and category of the current presentaMon if you need to. Clicking the blue info buHon a second Mme will close this panel. You can also access this same informaMon in the Editor, which is covered later in this user guide.

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Chord charts can be aHached at the document level of any presentaMon. You would want to aHach a chord chart this way if you have a single page to show. Working with Chord Charts are covered later in this user guide. Page 71 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual! TransiMons are able to be applied to individual slides, individual documents, or set globally for every presentaMon. Media transiMons can be applied to individual cues and set globally.

There are three locaMons for selecMng transiMons. The image to the lec shows the global transiMon menu with no selected transiMon. When a transiMon is selected, you will see a blue icon that represents the transiMon, as shown in the image below. The image below shows the posiMon of the document transiMon menu. When this sesng is enabled, your slide will follow the moMon path, and then conMnue moving through your slide in the same direcMon. Page 72 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual! All slide elements will be scaled correctly to maintain the same look on your slides. Page 73 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual!

Individual slides can be changed using Quick Edit, the overall look of a presentaMon can be changed using the Format menu, or you can make extensive edits using the Editor.

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Templates can also be used to change the look of a presentaMon, but that will be covered later in this user guide. The quickest way to edit a slide is with Quick Edit. The Quick Edit funcMon allows you to make simple changes to individual slides. You can conMnue selecMng on other slides while this is open. By opening Quick Edit, it only takes a few seconds to correct the spelling.

As menMoned earlier in this user guide, if you have your slides grouped together, every repeated instance of that slide will also be updated. Since the chorus of a song tends to be repeated several Mmes in a song, being able to change this once saves even more Mme. Page 74 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual! The second way to edit a presentaMon is with the Format toolbar. This buHon is located on the right side of the toolbar by default. Clicking the Format buHon will reveal the toolbar shown below. If you need to make changes to mulMple presentaMons, just click the Apply All buHon as you select the rest of the presentaMons to apply the same sesngs again.

The Editor is the most robust way to edit a presentaMon. Here you have full access to the slides and can modify the contents of the slides and edit all of the various properMes of the presentaMon. Since the Editor is a WYSIWYG what you see is what you get editor, what you are seeing in the editor is exactly what will be shown on your output screen. To begin ediMng a slide, select the slide you want to work with from the thumbnails on the lec side of the Editor.

This will change the slide that is open in the Editor. If you are done ediMng a presentaMon and need to edit another one, you can select the other presentaMon without having to close the Editor. You can also edit presentaMons even if you have another one running as a slideshow loop or have any slide or video showing. These two buHons are the same ones from the Slide Viewer. Page 75 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual! Slides in ProPresenter can support any combinaMon of these objects on an individual slide.

Click on the object that you want to add to the slide, then resize and posiMon it where you would like it to be on the slide. The next buHon opens rulers on the lec side and top of the Editor to make it easier for you to size and posiMon objects on the slide.

The last two buHons are used to change the arrangement of layers on the slide. If you are trying to center an object on the slide, yellow crosshairs will show up when you have reached the verMcal and horizontal center points. By default this is set to Scale to Fit so that you can see the enMre slide regardless of your screen size or layout. The column on the right side of the Editor is where most of the funcMonality exists. This is the same informaMon that can be edited in the slide viewer and was discussed earlier in this user manual. Page 76 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual! On this panel you can override the default background color set in Preferences for this one presentaMon.

You can also change the size of the document and the category of the presentaMon. If you set a transiMon it will apply for the enMre presentaMon and override the global transiMon. If your PDF for the song is only one page, this would be the ideal place to add it. More detail on adding chord charts will be covered in the Stage Display secMon later in this user guide. Page 77 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual! The second set of properMes are Slide ProperMes.

These sesngs apply to the current slide only. If you need to disable a slide, uncheck the Enabled box. If you need to change the background color of an individual slide, you can do that by enabling the Background opMon and selecMng a color. Hot keys are used to trigger slides using your keyboard; these can be any leHer from A to Z. If you set a transiMon here it will apply to just this slide. Clicking on the layer will select the object that it goes with on the slide so you can idenMfy which object is where. The slide label shows up as the name of the slide.

These are used to idenMfy slide groups and to create groups and arrangements. If you need to use mulMple chord charts throughout the presentaMon, add them to the appropriate slide that they need to be shown with. The third tab is the Object ProperMes tab. This is where you adjust the general properMes of slide objects.

The Fill Color is used to change the color of a shape or the color of a text box. Fill Color also supports opacity. The Line Color changes the outline of the object or text box and Line Width is the thickness of the line. Corner Radius controls the roundness of the corners of an object or text box.

If you need to make a circle, enter in this box. The Shadow sesngs can be used on slide objects or on text. The dial next to Angle allows you to quickly adjust the posiMon of the shadow. Length controls how far away from the object or text the shadow is and Radius controls the blurriness of the shadow. Tip: If you have very intricate fonts, a high radius value may cause some performance issues.

So if you need to have the shadow on the text and a colored box behind it, you will need to add a shape object behind the text box. Page 78 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual! The fourth set of properMes are the Text ProperMes. The top secMon allows you to choose your font, font color, font styles, and color. You can also add an outline to text and select an outline color.

Tracking refers to the amount of space between the leHers in a single line horizontal spacing. Leading refers to the amount of space between lines of text verMcal spacing. The next area controls the alignment of the text. Checking Adjust to Fit will dynamically resize the text box as needed. If you click Apply All, all of the sesngs on this panel will be applied to the other text boxes in your presentaMon. Text Reveal was added to make it easier to build those kind of slides.

This will change the funcMonality of the selected text box. It is not possible to combine the two funcMons in a single text box. CreaMng a Bullet List is as easy as pressing the Return key and creaMng a new line of text in the text box. If you want to add bullet characters, click the Ruler at the top of the editor. Page 79 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual!

Each Mme you click on the slide, or use the keyboard to advance, one new level will be revealed. If you need to go backwards on a slide, use the lec arrow key on your keyboard. If you happen to create a slide with more reveals than your slide can display, it will change from the dots to a numerical indicator of where you are in the list.

This can be seen in the image below. Page 80 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual! This tab can only be accessed if you have an image or video, or live video, object on a slide. If you have added an image or live video to the slide, only the top secMon will be shown. The Volume slider will change the volume of the video if there is an audio track. The Rate slider will change how slow or fast the video plays. If you need to adjust the Start and End points of the video, you can enter the values here. These values are calculated as percentages, so you may need to test these sesngs to get them right.

If you need to change the way the video plays, click on the Behavior menu and select Stop, Loop, or Palindrome. Page 81 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual! Go to Next Timer A common need in ProPresenter is the ability to create an announcement loop from a series of slides, graphics, or short videos. There are two easy ways to do this.


The Mmeline method will be covered later in this user guide. A Go to Next Timer can be applied to slides, images or videos in a presentaMon. While using a Go to Next Time is simple, it does take a liHle bit of prep work to make sure it works the way you want it to and the way you expect it to work. This means that if your video is 30 seconds long, but your Mmer is set to 10 seconds, then the video will only play for 10 seconds before advancing. If your video is 30 seconds long and your Mme is 45 seconds, then the video will play one complete Mme and then advance halfway through the second Mme.

This means that when your video ends, then the Mmer is triggered. If you have a 30 second video and a 10 second Mmer, your video will play completely one Mme, then wait 10 seconds before advancing to the next item. If you want the videos to play one right acer the next, set the Mmer to 0 seconds.

The easiest opMon is from the toolbar. Click on Format then on the clock icon. There are only a few standard opMons available here. SelecMng one of these will apply the Mme to all the slides in a presentaMon. Page 82 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual! You can enter any value, in seconds, that you want to use for the transiMon Mme. Remember that if you are using Foreground videos and want them to advanced automaMcally, use zero seconds.

If you have added a Mmer or loop cue to a slide, it will be shown in the upper right corner of the slide so that you can quickly see what the sesngs are for that slide. When you are showing slides with a slide Mmer, you will see a stop sign icon with a clock on it under the playback controls.

Clicking this buHon will stop the Mmer from running unMl you click on a slide again. Page 83 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual! Some users prefer to assign leHers to certain parts of songs to make it easier to quickly jump between secMons. This will open a window that allows you to assign any lowercase leHer to that slide. You can also edit the hot key assigned to a slide in the Editor from the Slide ProperMes tab. You can also select slides using a numeric keypad or the number row on your keyboard.

To jump to any slide, type the number and press Enter on your keyboard. The slide will be selected immediately. The slide number is found in the lower lec corner of the slide thumbnail. You have two seconds between key strokes to enter another value. Pressing the escape key will also close this slide selecMon overlay. Page 84 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual! You can also choose from the Save opMons under the FIle menu. Save As Page 85 of ProPresenter 5 User Manual! You can easily change line breaks, slide breaks, add labels in this text edit view.

You can see how the changes make your slides look as the slide view updates with your changes. This is a substanMal Mme saver versus having to edit on a slide by slide basis. Any of these three methods will open the same window shown above. Notifies when Websites are changed and highlights the changes since last visit. This extension adds a small Delta icon to your browser status bar.

When you Propresenter 5 Free Unlock Code onto it, it highlights all changed text contents of the current page since the last time you clicked onto it. Propresenter 5 Free Unlock Code again cycles through the changes. Propresenter 5 Free Unlock Code karaoke shows with ease. If i pay, really have link? With propresenter and crack?? Publicar un comentario. ProPresenter 6. Wait for files to be updated. As keygen alone will not work. ProPresenter will check keys even if blocked with firewall! Modules are now pre-registered with the patch.

Use them in the preferences pane. NIV is also included in the options. Warning: NIV conflicts with Use at your own risk.