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I've learnt a lot about customer service and the impact we have on people and their day.

Adapting Major Fashion Week Looks with MAC Senior Artist Michelle Clark

Being genuine and compassionate is so important in this role. MAC is a very fun place to work. The team bond is so strong and we all get on so well; so when we are faced with challenging situations we are there to support each other. In certain situations I feel that the management team could of been more supportive, especially when I stepped in to my assistant manager role.

I was unfamiliar with a lot of the procedures and would've felt more confident with more support from higher management. The hardest part about the job is the long,unsociable hours such as weekends and Christmas time. The most enjoyable part of the job is meeting all different people and making great connections with them. Great Experience.

How to get a job at MAC cosmetics — Lisa Caldognetto Make Up Artist | Beauty | Commercial | Session

Really liked working for Mac Cosmetics, the learning experience was impeccable and met some really fabulous people. Highly recommended place to work for with competitive salary. Amazing place to work so much fun such great energy. Mac was an amazing company to work for! I learnt so much about myself, the industry and customer service while working there. I was able to grow personally and be a proud gay man while working in such an excepting environment. Productive and fun workplace. Working at MAC gave me the confidence to work as a make-up artist. The brand gives a lot of opportunities too.

Develops creativity, techniques and knowledge. My experience working for MAC Cosmetics. As we all are aware of change. I became to have issues on how employees were being treated. We were over worked, many times left by ourselves. We are a very busy company but customer service was suffering because of cutbacks, which became a issue.

How to Become a Professional Makeup Artist for MAC Cosmetics: Practice Makeup Application

To the point of not being able to take our breaks and lunches on time or else not at all. Productive workplace, professional colleagues. Working at the make-up counter was challenging but rewarding. I learned a lot about customer service and sales, and how to deal with difficult or demanding customers. I made some great friendships with my coworkers and managers who guided me through the tough days and made the job worthwhile.

I also believe I developed my make-up artistry skills and pushed my limit on how to be creative and take chances.

An hour lunch break, free make-up, skills workshops, a company that allows growth. Love my job. I love working for MAC and I love their products and their inspirational creativity. The products are amazing, the range is huge and MAC cares about their employees!

C , is one of them.

How Fashion Week Gets Made With MAC Senior Makeup Artist Victor Cembellin

After corresponding for months over Twitter, we finally met this past Fashion Week -- and I'm so glad we did! Keri's unbelievable knowledge of all things M. C, not to mention a wealth of fabulous makeup tips and a delightfully effervescent personality, make her one of my favorite people to talk to. Over Pinkberry a few weeks ago one of our shared obsessions , she sat down with me to share how she got started in the makeup business, some of her favorite products and where she gets her inspiration.

Read on to find out more. How did you first get into makeup? I started collecting makeup when I was 9. My mother and I went to this English town market in New Jersey and I bought this white compact with one eyeshadow in it, this plum brown eyeshadow. That was my first eyeshadow I ever bought.

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It's interesting as an adult -- how I talk about makeup and what inspires me about makeup -- is where women learn to put it on originally. But I was that kid in the grocery store that would look at all the candy, and if it was out of place I would line up all the candy so it was in all the right bins! At one point in my career with M. C I worked with Cyndi Lauper , and it was many years ago.

So I did a little bit on her, but most of it was kind of assisting her. I grew up on Garanimals in the 70s, it evolved into the 80's of loving color, and playing with color, and mixing textures. I feel like it really translates as an artist who works on skin as my canvas. I respect the color wheel in the sense that I trust it, and I just hope for the best when I mix color. People can get their own makeup off a lot quicker.


If you hold it on the eye the makeup just melts away, then a quick scrub to get rid of the mascara. Have you ever seen a model have a bad reaction to makeup? I think that models more and more are starting to bring in their own backstage kit. Some people get really weepy with purple.

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What do you do after fashion month is over? We typically go back and do a lot of shooting. Any other thoughts? In all this chaos you have to focus.

Do I Need to Be Certified to Apply MAC Makeup?

Makeup can baffle even the obsessed beauty followers. Finding the perfect lipstick or eyeshadow is like finding the holy grail of beauty - which woul. For our inaugural edition of How Fashion Week Gets Made, Richard Chai, who will show his men's and women's collections together on Thursday, and was just named creative director at Filson, tells us about his design process, lack of sleep and reveals the location of his after party. How do you handle designing both a men's and women's collection?

Are you working on both simultaneously? MAC is a powerhouse cosmetics brand backstage at fashion shows--they currently participate in 23 global Fashion Weeks and have provided the makeup looks at some shows worldwide of those are in the Big Four fashion capitols. The brand also incites a lot of lust in makeup junkies because of the rich pigments, high-wattage ambassadors Lady Gaga!

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