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If you purchase iPhoto '11 from Apple's Mac Store, the software will be automatically installed for you. One interesting wrinkle in the update process is that Apple at one time offered a free demo version of iLife ' If you're confused by the iPhoto names and versions, you're not the only one. Apple used a somewhat convoluted naming scheme for iPhoto and the iLife suites, never quite getting the version numbers in sync. That is why you have an iPhoto '11 name that is actually iPhoto version 9. There are two things you should be sure to do; before you install iPhoto '11 make sure you have a backup, and one you install it iPhoto '11, but before you launch it for the first time make sure and check that it is the most current version.

Before you install any iPhoto upgrade or update, you should back up your iPhoto Library.

ilife 09 for Mac free download

This is especially important with iPhoto ' There was a problem with the initial version of iPhoto '11 that caused some individuals to lose the contents of their iPhoto Library during the upgrade process. By backing up your iPhoto Library before you upgrade iPhoto, you can copy the iPhoto Library backup file to your hard drive if something goes wrong during the upgrade process. When you relaunch iPhoto '09, it will update the library, and you can try the upgrade again.

The instructions are the same for iPhoto ' After you upgrade iPhoto but before you launch it for the first time, use Software Update Apple Menu , Software Update to check for updates to iPhoto, which is currently at version 9. Although iPhoto is part of the iLife '11 Suite, it's actually iPhoto v.

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  • Our results were better than in our First Look though suggesting this is a numbers game. The more you tell it what face is what the better the chance of getting it right.

    Luckily it's not the only trick Apple has up its sleeve for iPhoto: it has introduced Places as well. Taking advantage of the geotagging feature on the iPhone 3G, users who geotag images you can also do it with other devices of course from Nokia, Samsung and Nikon to name a few will be able to place them on a Google Map that has been built into the software. Importing the images with data automatically locates them on the map for you to see where you took them. For those images already in your collection that aren't geotagged - and there are likely to be a lot - you can manually go back through them and add data based on the location if you can remember it.

    As for going through the process of adding the data to your current collection it's really a case of how much time you've got on your hands. Can you really be bothered going back into the thousands of images you've already snapped and then re-tag them with geographical data? Still where the point is relevant is if you want to create a photo book with a map of where you've been as it will grab the data and create a very cool effect. What might appeal though are the social networking features.

    Basically you can now sync your Facebook albums, better still you can use the Faces element in sync with Facebook. It's a nice touch and one that is likely to appeal to the Web 2. The features work really well with the Facebook offering merely a press of the button to upload your images once you've set-up your account Users will also be able to make slideshows with new templates and then transfer them to their iPhone or iPod touch in the same format.

    Here the key features that users get is the image stabilisation feature that will, post-shoot, stabilise your video so you can actually see what you were filming. It's like a software steadycam fix and will certainly help improve movies for the better. Elsewhere you get a precision editing tool so you can clearly see what you are doing in more detail and overall there seems to have been a stronger focus on making it easier to do everything - be it edit audio or insert a clip in another one.

    Where can I get iLife 09 software to down… - Apple Community

    Like iPhoto, iMovie has also taken advantage of the world stage and you can set places of where clips were filmed. With this information you can then add graphics of you flying around the world - just like Indiana Jones movies think Temple of Doom. We were one of the few to actually like the iMovie changes last year and the tweaks here only help to make it a better offering.

    Apple iLife '09 For Free

    The image stabilisation is worth using if your camera skills are rubbish to begin with, while ability to easily cut the video separately from the audio content is also welcomed as well - it makes using different shots a lot easier. GarageBand '09 While we are sure there are new features and updates to the music software, the main focus here and one that will be most interesting to aspiring musicians is the addition of a learning element.

    You'll get two lessons in the box piano and guitar with the ability to download a further nine tracks for each instrument to learn. The lessons slowly take you through how to master the basics of the instrument and while its unlikely to replace a music teacher in the long-term, it is a good way of getting started. Apple has promised more instruments, but for the time being it's still guitar and piano only. Beyond the simple "learn an instrument" lessons, Apple has asked a series of musicians to show users how to play a certain song.

    In the UK there are nine currently available from Norah Jones showing you how to play "Thinking about you" to Sting offering his advice on "Roxanne". Each lesson walks you through playing the song via a video tutorial and shows you the notes you've got to play so you can follow along. You'll also be able to plug in a piano or guitar and record your track to see how you're doing. However where Apple has impressed the most is that instead of getting some boring music teacher to teach you how to play Sting's Roxanne, they've gone to Sting and got him to do it instead.

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    It means you get the artist teaching you in your home - a pretty compelling offer. Of course it's not just Sting.

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    Although the demos we saw were mostly American singers, there are names you'd recognise - Norah Jones and Fall Out Boy for example - and you just know that Apple will keep adding more and more over time.