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Later, Haas merged with Linotype and Helvetica was heavily promoted.

More weights were added and it really began to catch on. With its friendly, cheerful appearance and clean lines, it was universally embraced for a time by both the corporate and design worlds as a nearly perfect typeface to be used for anything and everything. Adobe licensed its fonts from the original foundries, demonstrating their respect and appreciation for the integrity of type, type foundries and designers. They perhaps realized that if they had used knock-offs of popular typefaces, the professional graphic arts industry—a key market—would not accept them.

By the late eighties, the desktop publishing phenomenon was in full swing. But there was a problem. There were two kinds of PostScript fonts: Type 1 and Type 3. Adobe provided information on making Type 3 fonts, but kept the secrets of the superior Type 1 font technology to itself.

If you wanted Type 1 fonts, Adobe was the only source. Anyone else who wanted to make or sell fonts had to settle for the inferior Type 3 format. Adobe wanted the high end of the market all to itself. By , a number of companies were hard at work trying to crack the Type 1 format or devise alternatives.

TrueType was a more open format and was compatible with—but not dependent on—PostScript.


To the untrained eye, the difference was hard to spot. But to an experienced designer, it was like asking for Jimmy Stewart and getting Rich Little. What is really strange about Arial is that it appears that Monotype was uncomfortable about doing a direct copy of Helvetica.

They could very easily have done that and gotten away with it. Many type manufacturers in the past have done knock-offs of Helvetica that were indistinguishable or nearly so. For better or worse, in many countries—particularly the U. The condensed fonts do not have italic counterparts. Arial Alternative [ ] Arial Alternative Regular and Arial Alternative Symbol are standard fonts in, and can also be found on and installation discs, and on Microsoft's site. Both fonts are Symbol-encoded. The fonts are used.

Arial-Black font

INI by Windows. These entries all point to the master font. When an alias font is specified, the font's character map contains different character set from the master font and the other alias fonts. Is a version supporting all characters assigned with Unicode 2. Arial Nova [ ] Arial Nova was bundled with Windows It contains Regular, Bold and Light weights, corresponding italics and corresponding Condensed widths. They are only sold in TrueType format. Free alternatives [ ] Arial is a proprietary typeface to which Monotype Imaging owns all rights, including software copyright and trademark rights under U.

Copyright law, Monotype cannot legally copyright the shapes of the actual glyphs themselves. Its licensing terms prohibit derivative works and free redistribution. Versions 2. Liberation Sans Narrow is a metrically equivalent font to Arial Narrow contributed to Liberation fonts by Oracle in , but is not included in 2. Google commissioned a variation named for. It is one of the fonts, free alternatives to 35 basic which include Helvetica.

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It is used in some free software as Arial replacement or for Arial font substitution. See also [ ]. Retrieved From the original on 20 January Retrieved 1 July Archived from PDF on 4 March From the original on 25 May Retrieved 9 May But IBM named all the fonts in the machine after rivers in Colorado! Monotype Imaging.

It was an association that burgeoned further with release of additional TrueType font packages in and afterwards. Letter forms were digitized by The Monotype Corporation, Limited, from original artwork.

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These dpi-only fonts were extensively hand-edited. Since the characters in the fonts were not derived from common databases, there is no linear progression of character size as point size increases, a requirement for migration to outline fonts. Windows 3. Paul Shaw Letter Design. Retrieved 22 May Retrieved 20 March Mark Simonson Studio. Retrieved 14 July AVA Publishing.

Arial Black Regular

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