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  2. Bye-bye, Google Reader: Alternative RSS solutions for Mac and iOS users
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Create new account. NetNewsWire 4. RSS and Atom news reader. Follow This App Black Pixel.

Setting up NetNewsWire

Stable Version. Older OS X Download Now.

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Native Interface Bookmark individual articles, mark sites as your favorites, and search everything. Send articles to Instapaper, Twitter, or Facebook. Popular Feeds If you're just getting started, NetNewsWire can suggest some great reading More Version 4. Related Links. You can also sort items by headline column, depending on the date, title and more. NetNewsWire also integrates perfectly with programs such as Spotlight, iCal and iPhoto and allows you to post items to del. Perhaps most importantly for many, you can also automatically sync with NetNewsWire with Google Reader and your iPhone meaning you can read feeds from anywhere and not then duplicate them later when reading on your phone or in Google Reader.

Although there are no add-ons as such for NetNewsWire, it can be extended very easily using scripts although this obviously requires a certain amount of scripting knowledge.

Bye-bye, Google Reader: Alternative RSS solutions for Mac and iOS users

Most of the time, NetNewsWire works smoothly, however if you're following a large amount of feeds, it can take some time to load them up. Dreaming of an ad-free web? Browse with Brave.

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Learn more. NetNewsWire is free and easy to use and filled with viewing modes and feed reading features that make it feel like Update: Thanks to Jeff Nadeau for alerting me to the pertinent API that correlates with the privileged file operations entitlement. NSWorkspaceAuthorization can be used to request privileged file access from the user, and Apple includes a link for requesting access to the entitlement. Thanks to Jeff Johnson and Paolo Andrade for talking me through my misunderstanding of the situation. Since before NewsGator sold MarsEdit to me.

For a long time. After Black Pixel took the reins, they put a lot of effort into a massive overhaul of the app, modernizing the look and feel and adding a robust, in-house syncing mechanism.

Opinions about NetNewsWire

When they released NetNewsWire 4 in , it seemed as though the future for the app was bright. They pared back the feature set a lot, in ways that made switching inconvenient to me. So I soldiered on with 3. I never did. For whatever reason, work on NetNewsWire seemed to stall, and I never found the updated version of the app to fit my needs. NetNewsWire 3 worked just fine.

RSS reader NetNewsWire 4 for Mac enters open beta - Pocket-lint

Over the years I considered other news readers such as Reeder which is free for a limited time, by the way , but none of them scratched that NetNewsWire 3 itch. I used to fantasize about getting access to the NetNewsWire 3 source code and sprucing it up.

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I wondered how things might have turned out differently if, in addition to acquiring MarsEdit from NewsGator, I had acquired both? Because Brent and I are still close friends, we have been in conversation about NetNewsWire and the various options for moving it forward into the future. I got the app building with Xcode 10 on macOS Mojave beta 9. There were some major glitches. The sidebar was pure black, fonts were rendering wrong. Probably whole subsets of functionality were not working, or working unreliably.

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I sent the source base back to him with a report that it builds and runs, but would probably take some work to get into shippable shape. Brent made the pragmatic choice not to release an updated NetNewsWire 3. Putting the bugs aside, he recognized that any time invested in that old version is an investment in older technology that does not have a viable future. At one point in history it must have come from the system at just the perfect size to fit the source list in the app, but as Apple modernized and adapted to higher resolution Macs, they must have updated the icon to support drawing at much larger sizes.

NetNewsWire 3. Many thanks to Gus for taking the time to do the show. Our first episode, We Did Meet in Person features our recollections of meeting each other and starting to podcast together. Today Manton and I released the th episode of Core Intuition. We published the first episode on May 30, , and every episode since has been completely free for our listeners. Core Intuition is now offering a membership program. We have been lucky over the past several years to have the financial support of many great sponsors, but we also want our enthusiastic listeners to have the option of supporting us directly.