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  1. How to solve Kernel Panic error
  2. How to Fix Kernel Panic Error on Mac
  3. How to Fix Kernel Panic Error on Mac
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  5. What is a Kernel Panic on Mac and How to Fix it?

Click Open ; if the kernel panic recurs, one of the running apps is a likely culprit, so click Cancel the next time around.

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Either way, another dialog box will ask if you want to see more information and report the problem to Apple. You probably do, so click Report. You may be unable to make heads or tails of the technical details, but glance over them and then click OK to send the report to Apple.

How to solve Kernel Panic error

Do a safe boot: Restart your Mac and hold down the Shift key until you see the gray Apple logo. Doing so temporarily disables some software that could cause problems and runs some cleanup processes.

Resolving Kernel Panics

Update your software: Outdated software is frequently implicated in kernel panics. This may include OS X itself and, very rarely, regular applications. More often it involves low-level software like kernel extensions and drivers. If one of the applications is the cause of the Kernel Panic, it will occur again.

How to Fix Kernel Panic Error on Mac

Uninstall it and the problem should be resolved. When the Kernel Panic problem is solved you can put them back into the same folder.

Check carefully that you have the latest drivers for that specific device and not a similar model , and that they are compatible with your OS X version. The hard disk must have free space and be in good condition. We all have files that are no longer useful or applications we never use. You can use OmniDiskSweeper , which creates an index of all the contents on your Mac and sorts them according to their size.

How to Fix Kernel Panic Error on Mac

This will help you find files that are heavy but useless, and could free up space equal to about 5 times the amount of RAM installed, giving your computer a little room to breathe. Something else you can do is a little hard disk maintenance. If you have OS X Now that we have explored even the most unpleasant of the possible consequences of a Kernel Panic, the initial message is worth repeating: this is a very rare problem, and can be fixed in almost every case.

Unplug all peripheral devices externally connected to your laptop. It is a key troubleshooting method that boots the operating system with minimal number of system extensions, preferences, and fonts.

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Safe Boot, much similar to Safe Mode in Windows, prevents loading of incompatible apps, faulty drivers, damaged font installations, corrupt preference files. Conflicts with these apps can cause serious runtime issues.

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Cache is the central location that contains downloaded files that might be needed again. The large cache contents could take up huge disk space; ultimately result in sluggish MacBook performance.

What is a Kernel Panic on Mac and How to Fix it?

When your operating system runs into low disk space issue, it may crash. Clearing-up the cache might help. Ever since Mac OS X Hardware Diagnostic allows troubleshooting problems caused by faulty or incompatible devices. Perform a hardware diagnostic to check for such issues. Log in to leave a comment.

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