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  1. Open the Elements panel to inspect the DOM or CSS
  2. Open Chrome DevTools | Tools for Web Developers | Google Developers

As you type in " JavaScript " it's not case sensitive you will see Chrome start to change what's shown on the settings page. It will reveal the " Privacy " section and highlight the " Content settings If you want to only run JavaScript on certain websites, you can use the " Manage exceptions Once you have made your setting either enabled JavaScript or disabled it , click the " Done " button to confirm your choice.

You will then be returned to the main Settings page tab. You can now close this tab and resume your normal web browsing with your new setting.

Open the Elements panel to inspect the DOM or CSS

Congratulations, you just enabled JavaScript. Click here to confirm that JavaScript is now enabled.

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  • Secondary menu;

Here are some guides for other web browsers like Safari or Firefox. Open Google Chrome Preferences.

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In the Menu Bar, use your cursor to click "Chrome", then click "Preferences". Sign in to Your Google Account. Google Chrome is a Google web browser.

Make Google Chrome Look Better

If you have a Google account email , then I recommend signing in so that you can have full access to your preferences and settings. If you are using a shared computer, this step is not recommended. Choose startup preference. Do you want your browser to open a new page each time you start Chrome? Do you want to continue with the pages you had open when you closed Chrome?

Or do you want to open Chrome to a specific page similar to a home page or pages? Choose one of the three options. I personally enjoy the third option so that I can have my Pandora account, email account, Facebook account, and news source open when I start Chrome.

Customize your Chrome browser with the Home button

If you chose the first two options, move to step four. If you chose the third option, open the page s you would like to choose as a home page s in separate tabs.

Open Chrome DevTools | Tools for Web Developers | Google Developers

Click "set pages" on the Chrome preference page. Then click "Use current pages" on the box that pops up. Finally, select your pages from the list that appears of the open pages you have available. I do not recommend selecting more than four pages, as it can become overwhelming and clutter your browser. Adjust the appearance of your browser. If you chose the third option in step three, I would recommend using the home button or you can click "Change" link next to "New Tab page" and set one tab or more as your home.

You can also choose to show or hide the bookmark bar. I recommend showing the bookmark bar. See step 6 for customization of the bookmark bar. You can also choose themes with Google chrome.


To browse these themes click "Get themes". A new tab will open with theme options. Feel free to browse these themes and see if there are any you like. I prefer the "Classic" Google theme but recommend trying various options.

If you choose any you are not interested in you can click "undo" under the bookmark menu after selecting a theme, or you can go back to the "classic" theme but choosing it under "Google" in the right hand toolbar under "Themes". Continue adjusting your preferences.