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  1. Help downloading MP3 files and Burning Audio CDs
  2. How to Make an MP3 CD Using iTunes
  3. MacBook For Dummies, 5th Edition
  4. MP3 and Audio CD

The benefit to this is that burning the files as a data CD, you can fit a lot more files than you can properly formatted audio files in the audio CD format.

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Name the folder what you wish. The folder will be designated with the fallout shelter symbol.


Help downloading MP3 files and Burning Audio CDs

Drag all the MP3s into this folder. OS X creates shortcuts to the actual MP3s, so you don't have to worry about messing up the folder structure and MP3 location of your music library. Open the Burn Folder. Click "Burn" in the upper-right of the window. A window will open, allowing you to specify speed and confirm the action.

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How to Make an MP3 CD Using iTunes

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MacBook For Dummies, 5th Edition

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MP3 and Audio CD

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