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  1. Convierte archivos de vídeo entre múltiples formatos
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Convierte archivos de vídeo entre múltiples formatos

Really cool and fast to convert the vmi file I had to a high quality mp eg4 file. Well done guys. Wonderful free mac video converter. Wonderful Free video converter. It supports so many formats. And i love its speed, so fast! Pros: s o fast. Cons: batch conversion More. Do you recommend it? Dreaming of an ad-free web? Browse with Brave. As you can see, the whole UI is split into a few sections and Converter is one of them. Under here, you will be able to add the files, select the format and hit the Convert button.

Choosing the desired video format is a simple task though. Just as we saw in the other area, Wondershare UniConverter too allows you to choose the device instead of winging the video format. You can also make edits to the insider format, changing the codecs and everything. You can also create custom presets if you want to have the best conversion experience eventually.

We also found that Wondershare UniConverter deals batch conversions quite conveniently.

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Additional features are what make Wondershare UniConverter one of the best all-in-one solution out there. If we narrow down to editing, there are tons of options. You will be able to crop, split and even change video-based characteristics. All these are pretty useful for professionals out there, you know. Altogether, a powerful conversion engine and the additional features make Wondershare UniConverter the best choice for all-in-one needs. Waltr 2 is a different type of video converter you should check out.

Video converter is just one of the many names you can give it to the software. If you are someone who keeps transferring stuff to iPhone from your Mac, Waltr 2 would be a great alternative to iTunes. Instead, it is powered by a drag-and-drop interface. You can simply drop all the content you want to transfer to the iPhone or iPod. The best part?

Everything will be saved in the right places. Say, videos in the Videos app and songs in Music. Waltr 2 basically solves one of the biggest problems with iTunes: incompatibility. With the help of Waltr 2, it is possible to transcend the boundaries and stuff everything you want inside the iPhone. Coming to the case of additional options, you can enable Wi-Fi connection and another one to enable lossless conversion of the content. Of course, Waltr 2 throws customizability out of the window, you know.

The only thing you know is that anything you drag and drop will be made available in the iPhone, in a file format that works. For most people, this is more than what a video converter should do. While the first tech allows the program in recognizing the right format, SAC works magic when it comes to video conversion. As the developers say, the conversion speeds of Waltr 2 are five times better than the closest competitor.

In our testing scenario, Waltr 2 was able to finish the conversion in just a few seconds and the video was just available in the iPhone app as well. The program is powered by automatic Wi-Fi, which enables seamless connection and the best upload rates and consistency.

DivX Software for Mac

Waltr 2 is a paid tool but it offers a hour free trial for Windows and Mac. Following tools are completely free video converters and we also have some online tools. Needless to say, the performance is top notch. Unlike most of the free video converters you come across, HandBrake is regularly updated and new features are added. The best thing about HandBrake is the compatibility itself.

Free Image and Video Converter for Mac and PC · Adapter

Instead, you can choose between multiple formats, devices and codecs. We should warn you, however, that the media format selection is a tough process. You should know which format you want.

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We would recommend HandBrake if you are looking for an advanced tool with super customization. HandBrake is free to use. Any Video Converter Free.

logiciel d'édition des vidéos pour Mac

Are you looking for a free video converter for Windows and Mac? In that case, Any Video Converter Free is definitely worth your try. Compared to the many free tools out there, Any Video Converter Free is clean and easy to use for most people. It should also be noted that the interfaces are a bit different in both OS. As you can see, the macOS version is a bit sleeker. It helps you convert videos into a huge number of formats and there are additional features like YouTube downloads as well.

Overall, you have a media suite to depend on. While the macOS version is sleeker, the performance is almost the same. Free HD Video Converter. According to our testing, this tool offers one of the best video compression algorithms in town. You will be able to get the best levels of performance when it comes to conversion. Free HD Video Converter also works great when it comes to video downloads and extraction.

This video converter promises to allow users to effortlessly get the media files they need 30 times faster so they can enjoy them anywhere and anytime. As video apps go, Total Video Converter handle bunches of formats.

It also processes videos with optimized settings to fit a multitude of devices , for burning to DVD or uploading to the web. The conversion process is very simple. The app has a nice and fluid drag-and-drop feature that allows you to stack up videos to be converted. With this, you can have time to get on with other things. In addition to quick video conversion, Total Video Converter also functions as a video merger and video multiplexer.

It can combine multiple short video clips with any format and turn into one long video file. More so, it lets users customize their favorite movies by allowing them to multiplex video and music into one video file. Total Video Converter also promises to be the best tool for users who wish to extract video stream and lossless audio stream from any video file. The app does not only allow you to get a specific scene from your video file, but it also ensures that it has the same format as the original file.

This will be helpful if you wish to get a music file from your favorite movie and enjoy them in your MP3 device. Total Video Converter comes with a built-in Mac video editor that lets users tweak their converted video. If you wish to trim the audio and video clips, you may do so using the app. You can even set the fade in and fade out time of the file to make a soft transition between them. This is especially helpful when you are merging various video clips, which you may also do using the app.

The app also allows you to set the resolution of the video you have edited. You may choose between the three output resolutions that the app offers, x, x, and x In addition to the basic editing tools, Total Video Converter also offers users with various effects , such as rotation and cartooning , which they can apply to their videos.