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I use it a lot to put reverb etc. Apply reverb and save. Audacity - I want to mention this because it is free, open-source and cross-platform and is therefore bound to improve in the future. Now it is a little unstable and annoying, but it is very promising offering unlimited audio tracks, VST effect support, ability to record while playing back like a sequencer , mp3 export, non-destructive volume automation.

Check it out. MP3 encoders: iTunes - A little bit annoying because it is aimed at consumers who want to keep a list of their music etc, but is a very high quality encoder, better than BladeEnc below. BladeEnc - A free mp3 encoder with powerful options - can be used through command-line interface or GUI. Not as high quality output as iTunes.

Free Autotune Plugins – Pitch Correction for Home Recording

Great OS 9 App. Does everything except MP3 encoding! I used to use this extensively.

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I have used this on several projects. Great free bass, organ and Latin percussions sounds. Versions for OS 9, X and Windoze. Problem: when I put this in my Pro Tools Free plugins folder, it caused the "time compression-expansion" plugin to disappear for some reason. This keeps everything from feeding back. Then mixdown. Its not "all-pure-digital-oh-so-perfect", but it is OK. Wave - A free analog-type dual oscillator synth with built in analog-type sequencer and a handy AIFF file recording function for importation into Pro Tools. Audio quality is not that great, but you can get some cool grungy sounds - and it doesn't take too much CPU power.

Made in Japan. Unfortunately documentation and web site are only in Japanese. Can generate some cool wah-wah, EQ, distortion and delay effects.

Kontakt 5 Free on Pro Tools Express 10.3.3 Mac 10.9.5 Install issue or compatibility?

It is simple, but I find it very fun. Includes samplers, drum samplers, tape machine malfunction emulators, distortion limiters, file loopers and more. Made in Poland. Where do you start? It was designed for the best possible sound quality and it adds no coloration what so ever to the signal that is passing through. Zero latency, linear phase and it also includes a real time spectrum analyzer so you have a visual cue to work with.

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These specs only touch the tip of the iceberg on what this amazing tool can do. This is actually a bundle of three plug-in recreations of the same hardware equalizer, the infamous EQP-1A. It is beyond the scope of this article to get into the specs of each but it is important to remember that these plug-ins are designed to imprint that vintage sound to your signal by recreating the artifacts produced by analogue circuitry. Basically it is three compressors in one. The plug-in is a sort of a time traveller through the history of tube compressors each skin embodying the best features of multiple hardware compressors.

It also sports a side chain filter and a mix control. And the best part is that it is cheap to buy. This is another emulation of a famous hardware tube compressor the Teletronix LA-2A. This is a compressor with a slow attack very much suitable for tracks that have slow dynamic transitions.

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  4. It does wonders on vocal tracks that have no drastic transients. It is remarkably easy to use as it only has two controls — gain and peak reduction, or threshold and gain reduction if that makes more sense for you — so I am sure you will never get lost with this one. I am sure you have all heard about this one. This plug-in is best known for its pitch correction abilities.


    You can set it on automatic mode which detects incoming pitch and adjusts it to the closes step of a user-defined scale. When selecting the graphic mode the user can dive in and bend the pitch up or down with amazing flexibility. While most people think about Auto-Tune like something that distorts the natural pitch of the voice, the latest edition of the program Auto-Tune 8 sounds incredibly natural with the all new flex-tune feature that creates smooth transitions between pitch steps.

    Hands down, this is one of the coolest delay plug-ins out there. Simulate the dust, scratches, warp, and mechanical noise reminiscent of yesteryear for FREE with Vinyl. Perfect for music production and audio post, Vinyl lets you control each nostalgic element independently, giving you all the vintage turntable sounds you love, save for the headache. Dial in as much or as little of each to add something unique to individual tracks or give a full-on nostalgic treatment to an entire mix. Treat production audio with Vinyl to create the throwback effects of original vinyl records, radios, televisions, or other vintage electronics.

    Customize settings for mechanical noise, warp, dust, wear or even set a decade to give appropriate treatment to production audio and easily preserve continuity in post. The Spin Down button simulates slowly stopping playback of a record, modulating both playback speed and frequency.

    When used on the master bus, it can provide a dramatic overall effect as if someone has stopped the record playing.

    Guide to Free Classic Mac Music Software

    Within the context of a mix, it can add a unique but familiar effect when used on individual instruments or busses. Vinyl can be loaded onto a vocal track for an interesting lo-fi sound, especially to contrast the richer vocal on a verse or chorus that comes afterwards. In this example, Vinyl is adding grit and dirt to the lead vocal during the bridge of a song.