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What are startup items?

However, there was a limitation on the number of Desk Accessories that could be displayed in the Apple menu. Third-party shareware packages such as OtherMenu added a second customizable menu without the trademarked Apple logo [1] that allowed users to install Desk Accessories beyond Apple's limitations. System 7. This allowed users to place Alias es to their favorite software and documents in the menu.

Apple menu - Wikipedia

The Menu Manager forced these additions into alphabetical order, which prompted users to rename their aliases with leading spaces, numbers and other characters in order to get them into the order that suited them the best. Several third-party utilities provided a level of customization of the order of the items added to the Apple menu without having to rename each item. An alias to the Control Panels folder was also present. In System 7.

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The feature allowing users to switch between multiple running applications as in System 6 was given its own menu appearing as the icon of the active application on the opposite side of the menubar. Follow our guide on Target Disk Mode for more information on how it works. OS X includes a boot option called Safe Mode. Start up your machine while holding down the Shift key to have OS X only load required kernel extensions and login items.

How to Remove Startup Items in OS X

It will disable all non system fonts, all startup items, and login items. If you are having OS X boot problems, always try this first to check and see if you have a rogue piece of software preventing your Mac from booting properly. Check out this article for more information about booting into Safe Mode. Using this key combination will cause your Mac to become very verbose on startup and will show a terminal-like interface while booting. It will contain information important to startup, allowing you to diagnose startup problems by seeing any errors that may be occurring during startup.

Verbose mode exits automatically when the computer's startup process progresses sufficiently and the blue screen appears. This is a terminal interface that allows you to login and interact with your computer via text input only.

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No graphical interface will be loaded. This mode is good for when you need to troubleshoot a startup issue, or modify a file or application that is preventing proper startup.

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Why do you want a start menu on a Mac? IMO it is much faster then clicking on the 'start menu' and then looking for your application that way. Ah, ok.

I am aPyDeveloper [changed name]. Also keyboard is quicker.

Mac startup key combinations

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