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CrashPlan will continue to perform a backup of your Mac as long as the laptop is on, awake and connected to the Internet.

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You can change these email notification schedules in the Settings section. As with any backup application, I recommend that you perform test file restorations regularly. This will ensure that the backup system is working properly and that you are comfortable performing restorations so you can do it with confidence when disaster strikes.

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CrashPlan offers their own instructions for restoring files and I provide instructions in a previous Tech Tip. Follow the on-screen prompts to install CrashPlan on your Mac.

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After the installer finishes, the CrashPlan application will automatically open. They do have an iOS app that lets you access your archive and save archived files to the ios device.

Using the CrashPlan Pro REST API - krypted

Some people have issues with java memory.. In general, I have fewer issues with this than other systems. I backup about machines almost half are servers with crashplan pro or crashplan pro enterprise. Feb 23, PM.

Works with Mac OS X Server and has real enterprise-level performance, security, and support for what I consider to be a small business price. The best thing about Zetta from my perspective is that it's easy enough for end users to do their own recoveries and cloud based sharing of folders, since our entire file system is replicated in their data centers. Feb 26, PM. Communities Contact Support.

Getting Started with CrashPlan PROe

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The stripped down Apple Server App, as seen in macOS Mojave - 6' Networks, LLC

Ideally: 1. Does not require a local user to be logged in on the server to function 2.

Bonus: Cloud based sharing of folders like dropbox, which just doesn't work well on OSX Server and of course isn't a backup option Recs?