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Bitter Sweet Neo Orange MAC Pigment Eye Tutorial

I use it as a stunning eyeliner all the time. Lasts for ages! No end to the pot. I put some into my moisturizer for that glow! Amazing, I get great comments all the time. Sometimes I add a bit to cold pressed coconut oil to smudge onto my body. Gold is perfect for any use. I absolutely love Mac's pigments! A little really does go a long way and they are simply beautiful. I must admit I was a little hesitant about the price, so when my parents went to Hawaii recently I got them to pick me up Vanilla, Melon and my absolute favourite Naked!

They give a totally stunning look to your eyes whether you just apply a light wash of it or if you layer it up. Will certainly be getting my hands on more of these as soon as I can.

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I have the blue-brown pigment and the rose pigment and I just can't get enough of them! There is so much product in the jar I can't ever see myself running out. Can't wait to go out and get more. I love Mac pigments despite being a touch anti Mac simply because I feel that a lot of their products are both over-rated and over priced for us here in Australia.

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Pigments and blush and what MAC does best. A pigment is essentially a highly concentrated form of loose eyshadow that is applied dry or damp with a brush, but they aren't eye exclusive. Pigments can also be used for body art, blushes, mixed with clear lip glosses, added to nail polish, mixed with a medium for eyeliner and be used for crative makeup purposes. Pigments are highly concentrated loose colour powder that contains ingredients to help it stick to skin.

Without these binder indredients the pigment would have no adhesion properties whatsoever. They can be used to create a subtle wash of colour or an intense effect depending on your application technique, and should not streak or cake and should be easy to blend and long-lasting, with the added benefit of having an almost indefinate shelf life. MAC's pigments come in a small glass bottle with screw top lid, you can either dip your brush straight into the bottle or decant a small amount into something like a palette etc to make them easier to use.

MAC's pigments are unbeatable they are super soft, smooth and creamy and come in the most amazing range of colours. They seem on the expensive side but it you sit down and do the math on weight and price they are quite reasonable as each jar holds a LOT of product. To use a pigment is essential that you prime your lids first, this will give your colour a base to stick to, intensify the colours and almost eliminate fall out off your lids during the application process. They can be applied dry like any standard eyeshadow with either a flat eyeshadow brush or fluffy eyeshadow brush, whatever works best for you or foiled on with a damp eyeshadow brush for extra depth and brightness of colour.

To foil eyeshadows you can either use a spritz of water on your brush or dip it into eye drops such as visine and the same application works for using them as eyeliners. MAC pigments are exceptionally good in regards to colour transfer to the lids, depth and intensity of colour, texture and longevity and wear time, with my shadows easily lasting me a 12 hr day when applied properly. MAC's pigments are by far the best product they manufacture. One jar will last you forever! I think it's such a clever product to have colour in powder form, allowing others to wear it however they like!

You can wear it as an eye shadow case, blush, bronzer, illuminator When you add this liquid that has a special solution you can pack on the colour as heavy as you like. As for me, I try to wear it as simple as possible and I love it. I wear the pigments naked and tan, and both of them go together sooo well. It looked very subtle and natural against my fair skin. And when under the sun, it shimmers at an angle that presents a silhouette of lining bringing dimension to your eyes. I have to say, price wise it is a bit too high - and I find that Maybelline colour tattoo gives a similar result.

I recommended giving this a good try. Otherwise, if you're tight on budget try the Maybelline colour tattoo for a similar look. I'm not a big pigment fan but had to try these after hearing soo much about them. I wasn't dissappointed. It's really great and easy to use.

Highly pigmented and long lasting. I much prefer pigments than eyeshadows. They have a huge colour payoff and can be used many different ways.

Customer Reviews

Naked and Golden Olive are my favourite, I use Naked all over the eyelids and as cheekbone highlighter and Golden Olive is just a beautiful colour. I love the shimmer that MAC pigments give, they are amazing and the Reflects line is absolutely gorgeous. There is not a single thing that I don't love about these pigments.

I highly highly recommend the MAC pigments.

Beauty blog Musings of a Muse reviewed the Huda Beauty Neon Obsessions Palette in June

A fried recommended this to me, we are both studying makeup currently. It is amazing, it will help your blending and save your life like there is no tomorrow! Plus it adds a beautiful shine. Also fantastic for highlighting the inner corner of the eye! Also, a little goes a long way! Beautiful product.

The Best Mascaras

I love the more glittery ones especially. MAC pigments are lovely.

MAC Pigment Naked Deep Dark | Beautylish

I usually buy these in the smaller sizes that come out in holiday collections or you can sometimes even receive them as samples. This is because I could never use a whole jar. They are very nice and beautiful - they blend really well. I think they are nice but I don't use them often - they can be a bit messy to work with. You need to log in or become a member to leave a review.

The cold weather beauty trends you need to follow, like, right now Brought to you by beautyheaven. Don't wallow in winter weariness. The product seemed to have problems adhering to my eyelids. The packaging is tall, and can get knocked over fairly easily. I really wish MAC was clearer about which pigments are safe for which uses, since this is FAR better as a blush than for any other use, but is displayed mixed in with pigments intended more for eye-use.

Many people would NOT want to use a pigment outside of its approved uses, especially if there are other sensitivities to consider. Just for reference, this is it on the eye, with sugarpill eye shadows. I would definitely NOT re-purchase this, and am debating returning it, just on principle.

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    Follow along! Blog at WordPress. The Painted Mask Why wear just one face, when you could use makeup? Full disclosure: our neon pigments are not yet FDA approved for eye and lip use. But, they are approved for eye and lip use in the UK and Europe. Please patch test before application. Close menu. Beauty Box.

    The FDA warns that neon makeup might not be as safe to wear as you might think

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