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You'll see the only one you can select is to run all plug-ins this time. Click Finish without making any selection. Now the tricky part Skip to main content Skip to navigation As we become aware of issues with the Echo system we will post information here. As such Flash now requires your express permission to run on WBS computers and this tricks Echo into thinking you do not have Adobe Flash installed and showing you the warning message below: Don't worry however you can still view your content.

What you need to do depends on which browser you are using: Internet Explorer: When you see the above warning message look towards the bottom of the page for an alert that tells you that Adobe Flash Player is trying to run. You should now be able to view your content. Google Chrome: You need to be quick fingered to get this to work in Google Chrome. Click Finish without making any selection Now the tricky part How can I make Cliqz the default browser in Windows 10?

How do you protect my privacy and what does Anti-Tracking mean? Tracking is very common online: trackers collect insecure data on three quarters of all web pages, data which enables the identification of the user and allows to track him through the web. Cliqz puts a halt to those practices. It overwrites your information, so that trackers cannot identify you. In the top right corner of the browser you can always see how many trackers are currently being blocked and learn more about those specific trackers.

In addition to that, Cliqz gives you full control over your data. Cliqz does not store personal data, everything stays on your device and under your control. In the transparency-dashboard you can see which data your browser works with and what happens to it. You can always have a look at the transparency dashboard by yourself. Alternatively, type about:transparency in your browser bar and hit enter. Read more about our Anti-Tracking here.

Disclaimer: Currently the transparency dashboard only works in German. How can I use Ghostery within the Cliqz browser? Cliqz offers the Ghostery anti-tracking tool as a free add-on for the Cliqz desktop browser for Windows, macOS and Linux. A click on it shows you an overview of the trackers found on the opened web page, which can then be blocked individually or all together. You must take action and manually determine which of the hidden services on the visited Website you want to block.

To make the decision easier, Ghostery provides some background information about the tracking elements found. A count badge on the Ghostery icon indicates how many tracking services are active on the current page. The value is usually different from the number displayed in the Control Center Q-Menu of Cliqz because Ghostery indicates the number of tracking scripts found, while Cliqz shows the number of tracking requests.

There you can customize the settings for the respective page.

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Only you have full control over your data. Here you can find more information about the Ghostery integration.

When you enter queries, you will see suggestions for websites, which suit your input and ideally give you the required information. Our independent index suggests up to three websites in real-time, which are chosen because of their relevance. It is of course possible that your query does not match any relevant results in our quick-search-window. Videos do not play - What can I do? Please try the following trouble-shooting: — Is your Flash Player up to date? To see what version of Cliqz you have on Windows , click on the menu icon in the top right corner of the browser window.

Click on it to see the current version of the browser, as well as further information. Note: this is only visible, if Cliqz is open and the active program. This will open a little window with information including the current version number. You can download the latest released version of Cliqz here. Warning: With this settings you are not protected against trackers anymore. Do not forget to switch the Anti-Tracking on again after watching the video. HTTPS Everywhere is an extension that aims to make connections to websites secure automatically when possible.

Normally, connections to websites would be made with the unencrypted HTTP protocol.

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  • This makes it possible for attackers to listening on, or even manipulate, the connection. If the video is still not playing after all — please send us the URL to the video through the Support form. Which data is not saved in Forget Mode? For more comprehensive privacy, please open websites in a Forget window. This will ensure that the following data will not be stored on the computer:. If you have opened the respective website in a normal tab or window, you can right-click on its tab to open the tab-menu and select one of the options.

    If you visit the page again, it will open in Normal Mode. Can I get a checksum before installing the browser? We are happy to provide a checksum for the current browser version upon request. Please add the following information to your message:. By the way, if you are interested to learn what a checksum is, Wikipedia offers a general description, among others. Which advantages does Cliqz offer when compared to other mobile browsers? Cliqz for mobile contains an integrated quick-search that allows you to go directly to your destination without any detours. In addition, we do not collect any personal data unlike other search engines.

    Thus, by using Cliqz you are protecting your online privacy.


    Flash Player 64-Bit Download: Ausgabe des Plugins für 64-Bit-Systeme

    Where do the "News" on the start page come from? Learn more about News on Cliqz Tab. Why does Cliqz only show one search result? Why are there already results for my search, before I even finish typing my question? If you are looking for an APK file for our Android browser, you can find the respective download links for Android operating systems 5. What is Smart Blocking? We developed our automatic Smart Blocking feature to make it easier for users to optimize their browsing experience and blocking choices.

    It automatically blocks slow or non-secure trackers, for example, and allows certain trackers that we know may cause breakage on popular websites when blocked. This function is run locally and does not use any personal data. What is Enhanced Anti-Tracking? New trackers or trackers that need to be allowed to not break the site are not blocked by Cliqz.

    Video-Spezialist für alle Formate und Online-Streams

    Still, Enhanced Anti-Tracking can identify those. If these contain information that can be used to identify a user, Enhanced Anti-Tracking overwrites it with a safe, fixed value. In the enhanced options of the control panel you can see how many trackers are currently being overwritten in this way. Enhanced Anti-Tracking : Our Enhanced Anti-Tracking feature is a heuristic approach to real-time, algorithmic tracking protection. However, instead of simply blocking those requests, it analyzes them for personally identifiable information and then strips out that information before the request is sent.

    Therefore, even if trackers are allowed to execute, you can feel safe knowing that all personal information has been anonymized in the request. In order for this system to work, we must analyze the tracker requests for patterns to determine what should be deemed unsafe. However, this is done anonymously and without compromising user privacy.

    On the Cliqz browser, this feature is active by default and can be accessed from the Cliqz control panel. How can I manage Trackers while on a site? To block or allow trackers while on a site, tap on the Cliqz logo in the toolbar, allowing you to see a list of each of the trackers found on that site. To block the tracker for this site and all future sites or globally , choose the tab and check the box for the trackers you want to block.

    To block or allow trackers, tap the Cliqz logo on the toolbar. To block them, check the box next to it, or uncheck it to allow the tracker. You may also bulk block or unblock all trackers, or by tracker category. What is Forget Tab? While browsing in Forget Tab , Cliqz does not store the following data on your device:. Are there any trackers not blocked by Cliqz? The Cliqz Tracker library consists of over trackers and scripts; however, new advertising and marketing technologies are being created all the time.

    But it is possible to encounter a new tracker that Cliqz is not blocking. How can I allow all Trackers? To allow all trackers, tap on the Cliqz logo in the toolbar. How do I delete my history? To delete your browsing history, follow these steps:. Why is there only one search result? We do offer more than one result. To locate the other results, swipe right to left. Our default search engine is Google, but you can change this in the settings. Why are there already results before I finished typing? We try to anticipate your search to give you suitable results as quickly as possible.

    We developed our own quick search mechanism to show you the most relevant results as fast as possible. How do I change the complementary search engine? The Cliqz Browser allows you to select from several different complementary search engines that provide additional search results beyond Cliqz Search.

    Installation problems | Flash Player | Mac

    Google is automatically set as your search engine unless changed. To change your default option:. To add a complementary search engine to the list, proceed as follows:. Open the website of the search engine of your choice e. Cliqz will now ask you if you want to add the search engine. The search engine is now stored in the Cliqz Browser. Is my device version compatible with the Cliqz Browser?

    Flash Player Offline Installer: Flash offline installieren

    Which advantages does Cliqz offer? The Cliqz Browser contains an integrated quick search that allows you to go directly to your destination without any detours. In addition, we do not collect any personal data unlike other search engines and browsers. We also provide you with our anti-tracking technology which helps to keep your data safe. This technology avoids your data being tracked by third party trackers. This is done by altering strings which are unique to your browser. It protects you from usual tracking methods like canvas fingerprinting.

    Where does the "News" on the start page come from? If you do not want to see news on a Start Tab, you can deactivate this feature. Why does the Cliqz Browser need access to the camera? Access to the camera is necessary if you want to use the online version of Skype or the chat system of Google or Facebook as web version or if you want to upload photos, for example to Instagram. Why does the Cliqz Browser need access to location? The access to the location is used, for example, if you want to use Google Maps to determine the location in your browser. Why can't I see Cliqz search results when typing a query in the address bar anymore?

    Due to recent changes on the part of Firefox, on the basis of which Cliqz exists, it is unfortunately no longer possible for us to have our built-in quick search in Cliqz for Firefox. We also had to remove other features from the extension, such as our anti-tracking technology. The good news is that you can always switch to Cliqz browser, which offers all these and other useful features.

    More information and the possibility to download Cliqz can be found at this link. Where can I download Cliqz for Firefox? To avoid installing a virus, malware, or adware on your computer, make sure to download Cliqz only from trusted sources such as the Cliqz website , chip. How to install Cliqz for Firefox? Cliqz for Firefox, the extension for the Firefox Browser, can be downloaded and installed directly via our Cliqz Website. You can also find it in the Mozilla Add-ons Store. Click on the icon to open the Cliqz menu and see the settings options.

    Troubleshooting — what can I do if the installation of Cliqz for Firefox fails?