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  1. Download Robust Video Downloader for Mac software
  2. Get the best app to download YouTube from browser
  3. Download items from the web using Safari on Mac
  4. Apowersoft Video Downloader for Mac – download video on Mac with easy Mac video downloader

Downloading videos might not be the first thing someone thinks of with Safari browser.

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All it takes is the Safari app itself and a little bit of knowledge. Simply follow these instructions:. All it takes is a few scrolls and a few clicks. Depending on what you want and need, you could try browser plugins or choose a software solution.

How to download .flv .mp4 videos from any website (youtube, Vimeo... etc) in Mac OS X!

These may come with financial costs, but they are more efficient and reliable in the long run. Get the best app to download YouTube from browser. Top choice. Airy 4. Anna Brooks 29 Jul at Requirements: OS X Version 3. Download Purchase. Drag the link into the bookmark bar for your browser.

When the time comes to download a YouTube video, just click on the bookmark in the bar.

Download Robust Video Downloader for Mac software

Choose the file type you want to download the video in and then click the Download button. Free Airy is able to download 2 videos, and you should consider upgrading it to the Airy Pro version for unlimited YouTube downloads. Launch the program and upgrade it to the PRO version. This opens a. Read the instructions and drag the link to the bookmarks bar for your browser. This opens Elmedia Player and allows you to instantly download the video.

Browser Add-Ons Video Downloader Pro helps users to download the media they want from a range of websites. Open the browser that you want to download the music or video from. Start the media to start the extension. Open Video Downloader Pro, choose which file to download, and then click Download. Firefox Video Downloader Video Downloader Pro is a fantastic Firefox video downloader that allows for downloading images and videos from websites. Chrome Video Downloader Chrome Video Downloader is a plugin for Chrome that allows downloading videos and audio files from websites online.

Get the best app to download YouTube from browser

Open OnlineVideoConverter. You may need to decline a request for notifications. Select a file format. As you see here, it defaults to MP4, the format of choice for many. Select a preferred resolution larger means crisper videos and bigger files.

Here are the main features:

Close the pop-up windows that open. Yes, they might say you need a Flash update, but it's a scam. Nonsense like this is the price you pay for not wanting to spend money on your downloads. You can also take video without audio off of YouTube by using the screen-capture tools built in to macOS.

Next, hit Play on your video, and once that's done playing, click the Stop button in the upper right corner. If I knew someone who needed a YouTube downloader and wanted the most trustworthy option, I'd tell them about Parallels Toolbox.

Download items from the web using Safari on Mac

After you install this app on your Mac, you'll open Toolbox a whole set of utilities by clicking the Toolbox Menu bar icon. Then, click Download Video. Toolbox will then prompt you to install its Safari extension, which is a great option for users of the Safari browser, but you can skip that part if you live in Chrome — which most people do, by a wide margin. Here's the Safari plugin option we talked about; let's click Cancel.

Apowersoft Video Downloader for Mac – download video on Mac with easy Mac video downloader

If you primarily use Safari, however, feel free to click Install and follow those instructions. Looking for a free alternative? Unfortunately, my endorsement here isn't strong, as I wouldn't use this software regularly. I scrubbed it from my computer once I was done testing. While this program works, it comes with significant caveats. Next, this app has a lot of characteristics I classify as red flags for any software.

Those begin with the fact that it's a free product that lets you do something you're not supposed to do.

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YouTube Premium vs. YouTube Red. I often discourage people from installing apps from obscure companies, because you never know what else the installer will drop onto your computer. Parallels, on the other hand, is a known developer with a very good reputation that's been making quality products for years upon years. You just copy and paste a YouTube address into it, then watch as the video lands on your computer.