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  1. The 4 Best Video Players for Mac
  2. 21 Reliable VLC Alternatives to Smoothly Play Video
  3. VLC Alternatives? The Best Alternatives to VLC 12222 for Mac/Windows
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Right-click on the type of file you want to always open with VLC. VLC is capable of playing virtually every file format that you can think of, both in Mac and window based computer including DVD of course.

Its popularity has been aided by compatibility and codec issues which render competitor media players like QuickTime, itunes and RealPlayer useless to many popular video and music file formats. VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files, and various streaming protocols. You can even edit the video parameters like frame rate, bitrate, codecs etc. VLC Media Player supports various plugins and is a modular platform and therefore supports, all the video formats.

Multimedia player based on xine. In While playing a media file in VLC, sometimes you will have the need to go frame by frame. It plays many different file formats that the Xbox Media Player won't play and adds many additional features, such as the ability to change from to and the use of subtitle files, which is a huge plus in my book. VLC Media Player for Mac is a powerful and efficient app for playing all kinds of media in multiple formats right on your Mac.

To get to an exact shot or scene, you will need to play the video forward one frame at a time. Formatos contenedores[editar]. He was in like manner still a sound and video player the most relentless, versatile and lightweight. VLC media player latest version: Simply the best free multi-format media player. Better still, VLC 3. Professional media production system.

There are a decent amount of categories to choose from, such as geometry, colors, crop, atmolight, to name a few. Review title of pogue VLC is a great media player for the Xbox!. VLC HowTo.

The 4 Best Video Players for Mac

It lets you quickly switch to fullscreen for a clearer view. VLC 3. Double click VLC icon 3. It gives you full control of where you want to reach in the timeline. Share and download files. Description : Mac OS X DMG File.

21 Reliable VLC Alternatives to Smoothly Play Video

VLC 4. It also can be used as a server for unicast or multicast streams in IPv4 or IPv6 on a high-bandwidth VLC Media Player is quite simply the most versatile, stable and high-quality free media player available. VLC Multimedia Player allows you to adjust sliders to motion pictures as well. This useful software is made available free of charge by the nonprofit organization, VideoLAN, which develops it.

VLC Alternatives? The Best Alternatives to VLC 12222 for Mac/Windows

Open the first result web page. Part 3. Audio formats are also supported. VLC Media Player is the most popular and robust multi format, free media player available. Actually, VLC doesn't offer direct support for Blu-ray disc, but the 2. VLC Media Player. This free and awesome player is readily available for Apple computer users. Like and Subscribe for more. The video converter feature in VLC media player is good enough. Jist follow these easy steps: 1 Go to Application folder Ace Link. It also can be used as a server for unicast or multicast streams in IPv4 or IPv6 on a high-bandwidth network.

VLC is open source media player program. Drag VLC app into your applications folder 4. Version: 2. The DVD users want to play is nowhere to be found. In short: VLC 4. Ce logiciel assure Boilsoft Audio Recorder for Mac. Why is VLC not working to play Blu-ray? Those questions are commonly asked by people who want to play Blu-ray on VLC media player.

Or running to your computer just to change the music track? You no longer have to do that! The editor is VideoLNA.

Note that version 3. The support of a wide variety of music and video codecs makes it a real alternative of VLC player. Besides, you can customize it as you like, for example, you can slow down or increase playback speed, select parts of a video as favorites, do A-B repeats, choose your favorite skins and color schemes, etc. UMPlayer is an easy-to-use media player. It supports most popular formats. You can also search videos on YouTube, play online TV and radio. Besides, it gives you the option to download subtitles automatically from opensubtitles.

DivX is another good alternative to VLC. It can play most popular video formats. It also provides the file converter, with which you can create and backup content or convert them into DivX or MKV. It's capable of playing a wide range of video formats, and it has chapter and subtitle ability. You can even adjust the subtitles to look how you want them to as well as change the languages, even during movie playback.

If you are watching a widescreen movie on a monitor, you can utilize the pan and scan feature to be able to see the whole thing. Hotkeys are programmable for your favorite features. This freeware player lets you play with the settings to achieve just the right mix for you. You can even load an app that lets you use your Android and iOS portable devices as remote controls. While the program is free, it does come with some additional programs bundled in, so like with KMPlayer, be sure you watch the boxes during installation. GOM can play the major video formats and several of the streaming formats, too.

If you loved Windows Media Player, this program is for you. Designed to have the look and feel of WMP version 6. It does not have any additional programs bundled in, so you can install and go, and it works well on older computers, too. You can customize it how you wish, add toolbars, and zoom in on your favorite film.

Top 19 alternatives to VLC media player for Mac

This program is free, and powerful enough to handle almost all of your videos, regardless of format. It comes with all the codecs it needs bundled in. It has a built-in ability to remember where you left off in a movie, and what settings you were using, so you can pick right up where you left off. You can download subtitles for your film, and you can search for and watch YouTube videos on SMPlayer, too.