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By default, ping sends 10 packets to the other device, measuring the amount of time it takes for each ping to be received back at the iMac. If the response shows a timeout on any or all of the pings coming back, it indicates a bad connection between the Mac and the router, and I can start troubleshooting issues armed with that knowledge.

How To Check Your Ping & Internet Speed on Mac

Lookup actually encompasses two underlying commands — nslookup and dig. My guess? Apple uses these odd domain names as a way to fend off distributed denial of service attacks against the company. Traceroute One of the most useful tools in Network Utility is traceroute , which does exactly what the name implies — it traces the route between your Mac and another machine.

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Things start off on my local network that Traceroute is fun in terms of just showing what a wild ride packets can take between your Mac and a web server. Whois Ever wanted to know what entity is behind a domain name? Finger Think of finger as whois for individuals. Nowadays, a finger of a user name and domain address is likely to time out. Port Scan The last tab on the Network Utility window is Port Scan, useful for determining the status of various internet protocol ports on a particular machine.

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How to use Network Utility

This was SO helpful. That made sense. Can anyone enlighten me as to why the location of this useful application is continually obfuscated? It was missing a month or two ago. Could not find it anywhere.

9 thoughts on “Network Utility OS X Yosemite”

I use it frequently. Had to go back to a Time Machine backup from a while ago and now I have it in several places. Could not find a way to download that particular part of OS X.

Never mind. I found it. If you use the Network Utility or other apps like the Screen Sharing Utility with any frequency, you might consider adding the folder to your Dock for easy access.

Understanding and Troubleshooting with Network Utility - Apple Gazette

Drag it to the Dock and drop it there. If you choose to make the Dock item display as a grid, clicking on the item will display a Dock cartouche with the icons of all the utilities in it. If you choose to display it as a list, of course, a list will be displayed. I solved this problem by:. Dragging the duplicated folder to the Dock 4. Your email address will not be published.