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  2. MAC vs PC: Which is Best for Music Production?
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The way Apple has progressed in recent years has been nothing short of impressive, with technologies and software compatibility the PC is going to be hard pressed to match in the future. The Mac Pro Tower back in was the closest Apple ever got to the PC in terms of hardware upgrade compatibility, and with the rumors of a new Mac Pro on the horizon later in it may very well be game on in the battle between Mac vs.

PC for music production. The software for Apple products is easily transferred from one device to another, making it simple to run audio software on say an iPad and send it straight to the iMac in just a few moments. Although the PC and Mac look very similar these days, the cost of components inside them is a very real difference. If you have the ability to build your own PC, this may be the cheaper way to go. Make sure you buy with quality in mind though. Very often a newly built PC can suffer from compatibility issues right out of the gate.

Combine this with a hard drive array and watch your workflow will blossom. RAM is also a very big consideration when looking at the PC vs. Mac for music production. The iMac offers a 32GB version, which will completely serve this purpose. The PC for music production suffers from a few things like sound bleed from the fans and compatibility issues, but those are all relatively simple to fix. The biggest problem for the PC is upgrade. Also not to be out done is the video card. However, the wrong card can bottleneck your system and destroy your workflow. Expect to spend a few hundred dollars on a decent card.

At those price points, you can see that the upgrade tree for the PC can be an expensive endeavor. UK or ProAudioLabs. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when building your PC for music production.


Mac vs. PC for Music Recording and Producing — Which is Better?

Try to get a silent casing with built in padding when you built your PC. A good case not only helps with the cooling of the computer, but it should also be silent enough. Noises are usually emitted from hard disks and fans in your computer system. If you have a one room home recording studio, getting a silent case is so every crucial. There are many silent PC cases in the market from all ranges.

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Never skimp on power supply for your computer. Go for a cheaply made PSU unit for your computer and you might risk getting hums whenever you record. True story. For a music production system, going for a W power supply will be more than enough.

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  • There are various kinds of motherboards you can get out there — no restrictions for this. A rule of thumb when getting a motherboard for music production. Get a motherboard with good voltage regulations. As always, get as much RAM as you can. Sampler instruments and plugins are always RAM-hungry, so you make sure you have enough RAM for a smooth producing experience.

    MAC vs PC: Which is Best for Music Production?

    There are few things to look into RAM. Make sure it has a frequency of at least Mhz. Then use HDD with at least rpm for your project files and samples. I find this to be the best setup for music production on a PC. This setup ensures your system is blazing fast while you have enough space for the other samples. Always go for Intel processors. For recording music, I always advise getting an i5 processor as a minimum.

    I hope I covered enough for you to get started in recording and producing music in your home studio. There would be an endless debate on which operating systems and hardwares are better for producing music, but most importantly, you should focus on your music and skills. Get one that works for you then jump in right in to producing. Your a moron whom thinks macs are better than pcs for music,yet act as if you know the first thing about recording. If you did you wouldnt be spewing nonsense about pcs being horrible for recording audio. Sense lots of rage coming you. I would say both are the same.

    What if you are producing in your DAW and wanted to reference a track from the internet or from windows explorer? I know you have lots of knowledge, would you like to contribute something? Sure Reuben, my email is herbertlye84 gmail.

    Chromebook vs MacBook vs Windows laptop - Which?

    Eh, I can reference tracks all day with Cubase 8 open.. You know depending on your audio interface and daw you can set it to release the audio drivers in the background when using other apps. Damian Ibarra….. Dude, when you read things does your brain actually absorb and comprehend the information you are reading? Reuben was not saying a Mac is better than a PC. Reuben was clearly giving everybody who was reading the pros and cons of both systems.

    You just sounded like a ignorant dumb ass! Now going back to music production and recording. Apple has recalled those MBP as well as some other MBP and they are replacing the old logic boards with a HD video card and on the new logic board, the super drive is 6gbs instead of the original 3gbs. Unfortunately those days and those vibes will never reappear, they are dead forever. This younger generation has auto sync when they DJ and if you ask them if they know what beat matching is they say ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

    Mac or PC? What is the best computer for music production? // imac vs windows 👊 ✨

    You may encounter some driver issues but it should be fairly easy to fix. Apple iMac Click here to check the price on Amazon. Mac OS is developed by Apple and was initially released in This operating system has become very popular in creative industries such as digital graphic artists and music production. Unlike Microsoft Windows and Linux, Apple has intended its operating system to only be used on their products. Therefore trying to install the Mac OS on other computers can be a tricky task.

    The mac operating system is incredibly easy to use and 9 out of 10 times hardware will be plug and play.

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    Linux was initially released in and is a free opensource operating system. Linux is typically used by more tech-savvy individuals. Software companies are unlikely to produce software for Linux due to the low amount of users who use it. Their target market is likely to be using Windows or Mac.

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    Unfortunately, setting up audio interfaces , microphones , and studio monitors on Linux may run you into some difficulties. Not all drivers are supported by Linux and this could be a problem. Android is used on billions of mobile devices worldwide and was first released by Google in September It was first released on 29 June and has been developed and used on millions if not billions of devices since then. This also depends on your location. In the United Kingdom, Apple computers are much more expensive than if you live in the United States.

    Each operating system can run different digital Audio Workstation software. Not all digital audio workstations will work on every operating system. If you have a digital audio workstation DAW , you would like to use. This is a huge problem if your audio production software is incompatible with your operating system. This means it would be impossible to use without running a virtual machine or simulation software.

    Remember to check your digital audio workstation DAW compatibility before switching to new an operating system. A new operating system will be slightly confusing to use at first and may require that you use it for a good amount of time before you get used to. When choosing your operating system, you have to remember that not all the machines cost the same. A considerable price factor is the type of operating system that the computer is running on.

    Unless your computer is capable of being turned into a Hackintosh A non-apple computer that is running a version of MacOS , you will have to buy an Apple machine. Apple machines can cost a relatively large amount.