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Magic Set Editor (Mac Version)

Added Signature Spellbook: Gideon! Added Bundle Promos! See more changes in the changelog! Why Collect Magic? Because it's awesome! Whether you keep your cards in bulk storage boxes, create custom 3-ring binders to store them in feel free to use my templates! You can build your own draft cube in order to allow your friends to draft infinitely for free at your place, or you can expand your collection and watch a card previously valueless skyrocket after a metagame shift.

Sensei's Diving Top , anyone? Custom reports. Collection price history. Custom collection goals. Switchable page themes, including some much-needed light ones! Enhanced collection building. Enhanced filtering and sorting.

Latest News

Enhanced analytics and statistics. Addition of missing cards and sets. You may have it block an attacking creature of your choice. Then destroy Fasting if it has five or more hunger counters on it. If you would begin your draw step, you may skip that step instead. If you do, you gain 2 life. When you draw a card, destroy Fasting. Garbage Fire deals damage to target creature equal to the highest number you noted for cards named Garbage Fire.

Destroy all creatures that were blocked by target Wall this turn. If you win the flip, draw a card. You may cast that card for as long as it remains exiled. Put a charge counter on Ice Cauldron and note the type and amount of mana spent to pay this activation cost. Activate this ability only if there are no charge counters on Ice Cauldron. Spend this mana only to cast the last card exiled with Ice Cauldron.

Draw a card. During the draft, you may turn Illusionary Informant face down. If you do, look at the next card drafted by a player of your choice. Activate this ability only any time you could cast a sorcery. As Illusionary Terrain enters the battlefield, choose two basic land types. Basic lands of the first chosen type are the second chosen type. If you do, counter that ability.

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Whenever enchanted creature attacks or blocks, you may pay. If you do, tap the creature, remove it from combat, and creatures it was blocking that had become blocked by only that creature this combat become unblocked. Sacrifice it when you lose control of Krovikan Vampire. You may look at that booster pack. After you draft Lore Seeker, you may add a booster pack to the draft. Your next pick is from that booster pack. Remove a charge counter from Mana Cache: Add. Any player may activate this ability but only during their turn before the end step.

Any player may activate this ability.

Decked Builder Mac Edition

Whenever Nacatl War-Pride attacks, create X tokens that are copies of Nacatl War-Pride and that are tapped and attacking, where X is the number of creatures defending player controls. Exile the tokens at the beginning of the next end step. As you draft a creature card, you may reveal it, note its name, then turn Noble Banneret face down. Activate this ability only during your turn. When Palace Jailer enters the battlefield, exile target creature an opponent controls until an opponent becomes the monarch.

As you draft a creature card, you may reveal it, note its creature types, then turn Paliano Vanguard face down. Spend this mana only to cast spells. Repeat this process until no one pays life. Power Leak deals 2 damage to that player.

Magic Set Editor Free Download

You may sacrifice Preferred Selection and pay. If you do, put one of those cards into your hand. Destroy target artifact. For each additional you paid, destroy another target artifact. For each additional you paid, destroy another target artifact, and you gain 1 life. The player who reveals the card with the highest converted mana cost may change the target or targets. If two or more cards are tied for highest cost, the target or targets remain unchanged. Sacrifice an Orc: Each player may tap any number of untapped white creatures they control.

For each creature tapped this way, that player chooses up to two Plains. Each player may ante the top card of their library. If damage is prevented this way, Refraction Trap deals that much damage to any target. The player to your right chooses a color, you choose another color, then the player to your left chooses a third color.

Activate this ability only during your upkeep. If damage from a black source is prevented this way, you gain that much life. As you draft a card, you may reveal it, note its name, then turn Smuggler Captain face down. When Smuggler Captain enters the battlefield, you may search your library for a card with a name you noted for cards named Smuggler Captain, reveal it, put it into your hand, then shuffle your library. If each of those creatures could block all creatures that the other is blocking, remove both of them from combat.

What's new in this version

Each one then blocks all creatures the other was blocking. At the beginning of your upkeep, sacrifice Soul Echo if there are no echo counters on it. Otherwise, target opponent may choose that for each 1 damage that would be dealt to you until your next upkeep, you remove an echo counter from Soul Echo instead. Exile a card from your hand: This turn, you may play basic land cards from outside the game. Then that player reveals the drafted card. Flying When Spire Phantasm enters the battlefield, if you guessed correctly for a card named Spire Phantasm, draw a card.

Magic Set Editor Mac variant?

You may turn this conspiracy face up any time and reveal the chosen names. Whenever you cast a creature spell with one of the chosen names, you may search your library for a creature card with the other chosen name, reveal it, put it into your hand, then shuffle your library. Note the number and kind of counters that were on that creature. Exchange ownership of the revealed card and Tempest Efreet.

This change in ownership is permanent. If you do, draw a card.

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Volatile Chimera becomes a copy of that card, except it has this ability. When the creature dies this turn, exile the creature. During the draft, you may turn Whispergear Sneak face down. If you do, look at any unopened booster pack in the draft or any booster pack not being looked at by another player. You control that player until Word of Command finishes resolving. The player plays that card if able. If the chosen card is cast as a spell, you control the player while that spell is resolving.

At the beginning of that combat, untap all creatures that attacked this turn. Rebound If you cast this spell from your hand, exile it as it resolves. For those cards which do not have card rulings, automatically rulings are generated. Support for user defined card notes MTG Studio comes with more than 5 decks - pre-constructed, championship winners and sample decks.

The decks are available in 10 different file formats. Card prices from over online card stores! Over 50 card combos with details on how to use them. Read user reviews on cards - the feature requires active Internet connection. Registration: Registered users receive personal lifetime license.

MTG Studio is regularly updating free of additional charge its huge Magic cards database whenever new Magic sets and expansions are released. MTG Studio is constantly enhanced and bug fixed - and such updates are free of charge. We send you the registration key minutes after the purchase. Once you receive your registration key you can unlock your trial version. No reinstall is needed.