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  2. How to Fix iTunes 12’s Biggest Annoyances
  3. iTunes 12 Sync Problems: Why Doesn’t Syncing from iTunes to iOS Devices Work?

Not only what was recently added, but the entire library, which makes zero sense. Only songs can be detailed and that makes sense… i dread the day they force onme icons for those too. In order to accomodate a recent purchase of an iPod Touch 6th Generation, I had to upgrade my iTunes from v Man is it awful! I have never seen such a complicated Apple program, or music player for that matter. So many iTunes features have either changed or been removed since Whatever good thing Apple had going with iTunes is nearly lost the iTunes store is still a nice resource for free podcasts.

It seems the people who were trying to make Apple software easy to use have abandoned ship. It has taken me several days to get back some of the familiar functionality of my media library. As a result, I will likely ditch the iPod altogether and go back to v How about the completely idiotic way of managing media on an iPhone?

For audiobooks and music, the library is presented as one ling list of FILES, no grouping of any sort. Just what I wanted to see, every freaking song and chapter of every audiobook I have on my phone in one huge long list of text, totally makes sense. Great job Apple. I want a simplified interface like in My OS is windows btw. It only displays 10 songs at a time. How do you fix that? I want to see my complete list and where it is on my hard drives. My Songs Library has the scroll frozen about half way down the window.

Instead of scrolling the full window, only the lower half scrolls. I have found nothing on how to fix this issue. I have imported songs into iTunes that are in the. I then converted them to. However, when I navigate to my iTunes folder and open the folder with the album name, I only see the. They show up in the iTunes player, but not in the folders. I need to be able to access the mp3s because I sell my music online in this format and need to grab the files.

Does anyone know why both versions of songs show up in the iTunes player but only the wav versions show up in the iTunes folder? Why would they remove that?? How can I get it back?? This is as bad as it gets. I am new to this apple stuff and so far not impressed, i install i tunes because someone gave me a an IPOD 4 well my windows 10 saw it long enough to transfer my music after that it never saw it again, i am so fed up that i want to cancel my account guess what you know how your name shows up on the top right and you can click on it and see your account well mine does not all i want to do is listen to the music i have purchased over the years through legitimate sites well i find my android phone works best i will carry a battery pack with me to keep it charged.

Any ideas. Groups of them are alphabetized — others are way out of whack.


Quickly Check or Uncheck All Songs in an iTunes Playlist

Also the Most Often Played list no longer shows the play count on each track. Everything worked perfectly with iTunes Also when ripping a CD, you can no longer select individual tracks to be ripped and are forced into ripping the whole CD. Most disturbingly, artwork for multiple albums just randomly disappears. I have multiple external hard disks that hold my collection.

How can I get it back? Clicking on it does nothing…Nevermind… I found it under controls. I just want to listen to music. UX Designers trying to justify their job?

How to Fix iTunes 12’s Biggest Annoyances

By mistake I left myself logged in the last time I tried to get something from the app store and it seems apple can just upgrade at will. And according to them I can NOT go back. I have another computer that was not effected, possibly just drag itunes files over from that one. It never did that before. Daughter already moved off of it completely. But she can learn linux and so on. Not so easy for an old fart like me. Follow IntegoSecurity. The Mac Security Blog. Search for:. Share Shares. Jonathan Simon. Steven de Mena.

Is there actually anything better about iTunes 12? Pauline Panagiotou Schneider. Blair Donaldson. Peter Saxe. Sarah Spoon. Jim Witte. Absolutely, will be using Mavericks until the end. Yosemite is just butt ugly. What is it with Apple and their aversion to color and depth. Grant Jenkins. Ian O. Nigel Green. Ken Pataky. Vistasp Hodiwala. Kerry Hall. Keith E Gatling. Life is so much easier that way.

Flying Goose. Cate H. Juan Pablo Hoyos. Laramie F. Mark P.

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Kaye Weist. That would be fine, except I was forced to update to be able to use my phone. Can we synch to iphones if we switch to something else, like Spotify? Conan the Republican. Mark M. Thanks — Mark M. Kirk — Thanks for your reply. Thanks again! Emilie Presley. Roger Thompson. Joe Cindy Stiene. Ted Goldstein. Andreas H Aus B. Phil E Mac. Joel Brothers. Beat Scribe. Suzanne Keene. Looking for an alternative. Carleton Foxx. Eric Kruse. Tilly Digs. Pete Thompson. MC Reader. Roger Moos. Spooky Mormon Hell Dream.

Whoever the product manager is for iTunes 12 should be fired. Eve Brockmann. Julie Terryberry. Branden Duxbury. Caline Tan. Ryan Erickson. Did you ever find a solution for this? I am having the same problem since updating. Apple programmers look for new ways to annoy and frustrate Apple users. How can I get the simple song list back? By artist? I cannot sync my iPod Touch 5 and iPhone 6 using the new iTunes Movie Blue Diving Suit.

Would actually be a tip if you clearly explained how to add the sidebar back in. How do you hide album artwork? Valerie Lovelace. Hate that it automatically changes my music. How can I turn that off? Robert Longman. Zaheen Memon. Sal Carone. Help So far Itunes David Bernier. Gary Strangman. Oliver Ross. Jim Scofield. Gene Norris. Frankfurter Bindlespin. Emmanuel Nestor. Pedro Alfonso Vasquez Campusan. Mike Etheridge. Joanne Dodds. What a waste of time. Massive fail.

Larry Richelli. Mark Babor. Paul Halac. I hate to say it but Apple is beginning to look more and more like Microsoft. Righteous Isthelord.

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Ur Kondor. Dee Barretto. Anyone know where the play-by-date choice has gone? Scot McKibbin. Struggling with the new Who at Apple in their right mind would change iTunes to break something so simple? Then it AUTO changes the color of the playlist and the art at the top. Just by dragging songs?? WTF are these idiots thinking??!?!?!?!?! Tom Pav. David Loewen. Gus Awsum Alfonso. Faye Green. Garfield George. Chris Ryan. I just miss the colors in iTunes Trish Sutter Pmp.

Dls Hopkins. Nick Wright. Where is my CD? What a rip off!!!! Kevin Thomas. Thanks, Kevin. Joyce A. Doug Johnson. Pam Clifford. Email address:. When a song is playing, play the next song in a list. Make visual effects take up the entire screen when visualizer is on. Stream the audio file at a specific URL to iTunes. Stay ahead with the world's most comprehensive technology and business learning platform. With Safari, you learn the way you learn best. Get unlimited access to videos, live online training, learning paths, books, tutorials, and more.

Start Free Trial No credit card required. Playback shortcuts Action Shortcut Play the selected song immediately Return Listen to the next or previous album in a list Option—right arrow or left arrow or Option-click the Skip Forward or Skip Backward controls in the upper-left corner of the iTunes window Rewind or fast-forward to the next song in a list. File and window shortcuts Action Shortcut Check or uncheck all the songs in a list. Audible shortcuts Action Shortcut Go to the next chapter if available. File menu shortcuts Action Shortcut Create a new playlist. Edit menu shortcuts Action Shortcut Undo your last action.

Controls menu shortcuts Action Shortcut Stop or start playing the selected song Spacebar Move to the next song Up arrow Move to the previous song Down arrow Play a song Return When a song is playing, play the next song in a list Right arrow When a song is playing, play the previous song in a list Left arrow Increase the volume Up arrow Decrease the volume Down arrow Mute the sound song keeps playing Option-.

Visualizer menu shortcuts Action Shortcut Turn the visualizer on or off. Play the selected song immediately. Listen to the next or previous album in a list. Create a new Smart Playlist. Reshuffle the current playlist. Check or uncheck all the songs in a list. Zoom the window to an ideal size. Option-click the Zoom control in the upper-left corner of the iTunes window. See the iTunes window resize while you are resizing it.

Click the zoom control in the upper-left corner of the iTunes window. In the Get Info window, see the info for the next or previous song in the list.

iTunes 12 Sync Problems: Why Doesn’t Syncing from iTunes to iOS Devices Work?

Go to the previous or next pane in the Get Info or Preferences window. Open iTunes preferences. By default, any tracks in your iTunes Library will be transferred automatically to the iPod when the iPod is plugged into your computer. If there are more tracks in your iTunes Library than will fit on the iPod, iTunes asks to create a subset of your music files and then transfers that subset to your iPod. There are several ways to configure iTunes so that your iPod is updated when you want it to be.

It's just as possible to configure iTunes so that just the music you want is copied to your iPod.

The key is the iPod Preferences window. To start, plug your iPod into your computer and launch iTunes. By default, iTunes launches when you connect the iPod. Figure 3. To open the iPod Preferences dialog box, select the iPod in the Source list and then click the iPod icon that appears next to the EQ icon in the bottom-right corner of the iTunes window. If you don't have a color iPod, you won't see a Photos pane. The Music pane contains the options for updating your iPod, as well as for mounting your iPod as a hard disk and displaying album artwork on a color iPod.

When you choose this option which is on by default , iTunes updates the iPod to include all the music in the iTunes Library. Any songs currently on the iPod that aren't in the iTunes Library are erased from the iPod. If you've removed songs from iTunes' Library and want them to remain on your iPod after the update, this option is not for you.

This option updates only the playlists you've selected. Any songs stored on your iPod that don't belong to the selected playlists are erased when you select this option. This option is a good one to use when several members of your family share an iPod. It's also a good option for those with large music collections who carry an iPod nano, mini, ROKR phone, or shuffle. This option allows you to chunk up your collection into multiple playlists and then rotate those playlists in and out of your nano, mini, phone, or shuffle by selecting play-lists 1, 2, and 3 one month and 4, 5, and 6 the next.

Ah, finally—the option to use when you want to add songs to your iPod without removing any tunes from the device. When you select this option, all the play-lists on your iPod appear below the iPod's icon in the iTunes Source list. Those songs appear at the top of the playlist. To move a song's position, click the top of the Number column, and drag the song to where you'd like it to appear in the list. Optionally, you can add songs by genre, artist, or album by using iTunes' browser. To do so, follow these steps:. To remove songs from the iPod, select the songs you want to remove within the iPod entry in the Source list; then press your keyboard's Delete key or Control-click on the Mac or right-click for Windows, and choose Clear from the contextual menu.

When you remove songs from your iPod, you don't remove them from your computer. Unless you select a song in iTunes' Library and delete it, the song is still on your hard drive. You can even copy entire playlists to other playlists by dragging one playlist icon on top of another.

This method works for both iTunes and iPod playlists, though you can't drag a playlist on the iPod to an iTunes playlist and expect the songs to copy over. Songs on the iPod don't copy to your computer unless you know the trick detailed in Chapter 7. When you choose to manage your songs and playlists manually, you'll be told that you have to disconnect the iPod manually—meaning that you have to take action to unmount the thing, rather than simply unplug it from your computer.

To do so, you can click the Eject icon next to the iPod's name in the Source list. Alternatively, Mac users can switch to the Finder and drag the iPod to the Trash. When its icon disappears from the Desktop, you can unplug your iPod. Windows users can invoke the Safely Remove Hardware command from the system tray.