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Tragedi kehilangan pesawat MAS MH370

  1. Pesawat MH370 disahkan hilang di kawasan selatan Lautan Hindi
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  3. Tragedi kehilangan pesawat MAS MH
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In the area where the possible objects were identified by the Australian authorities there are strong currents and rough seas. A cyclone warning has been declared for Tropical Cyclone Gillian, which is located in the southern corridor. Very strong winds and rough seas are expected there today.

The briefing for families in Kuala Lumpur yesterday went well.

The briefing in Beijing, however, was less productive. Despite the best intentions, I understand there were tense scenes. I have received a report from the Malaysian high-level team, as well as a copy of the declaration from the Chinese families. I have asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, together with the authorities in China, to investigate what happened.

Pesawat MH370 disahkan hilang di kawasan selatan Lautan Hindi

We will continue to engage with the families. We are working hard with Chinese authorities and the Chinese working group to create a more conducive environment for the briefings. I have instructed my technical team to do a review of both briefings so that we can improve them. We appeal to all parties to be understanding during this extraordinary and difficult time. My pledge to all the families, wherever they are, is the same: we will do everything in our power to keep you informed. The original transcript of the conversation between MH and Malaysian air traffic control is with the investigations team, where it is being analysed.

As is standard practice in investigations of this sort, the transcript cannot be publicly released at this stage. I can however confirm that the transcript does not indicate anything abnormal. Over the past two weeks, the search for MH has taken many twists and turns. From satellite images to eyewitness accounts, we have followed every lead and investigated every possibility. Today we are focused on leads from the satellite images announced by the Australian authorities on Thursday. We continue to be updated by the Australian authorities on an hourly basis.

Artikel Dari Salam

I know this roller coaster has been incredibly hard for everyone, especially for the families. We hope and pray this difficult search will be resolved, and bring closure to those whose relatives were on board. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all 26 countries who are with us in this effort; from ordinary people to the highest levels of government.

As we speak, people are sailing through a cyclone to help find the missing plane. We are immensely grateful to all our partners for their efforts. Beliau berkata pasangan yang berusia 20 dan 30 tahun itu dipercayai aktif melakukan kegiatan tersebut sejak tiga tahun lepas. Bagi memudahkan kegiatan, pasangan tersebut dipercayai menghantar dua anak mereka yang berusia dua dan tiga tahun ke kampung untuk dijaga oleh anggota keluarga, katanya.

Kedua-duanya yang mempunyai rekod lampau berhubung kesalahan narkotik turut positif dadah, kata Abdul Aziz yang menambah kes disiasat mengikut Seksyen 39B dan Seksyen 39A Akta Dadah Berbahaya He said the original transcript was currently with the investigation team, where it was being analysed. The Beijing-bound Boeing plane carrying passengers and 12 crew disappeared about one hour after departing from Kuala Lumpur International Airport on March 8.

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Hishammuddin said preliminary investigation of MH s cargo manifest had not shown any link to anything that might have contributed to its disappearance. Twenty-six countries are involved in the search for the missing Malaysian jetliner, with numerous surveillance aircraft and search vessels being deployed in the endeavour. Air Force One at Diego Garcia.

Tragedi kehilangan pesawat MAS MH

American military aircraft at Diego Garcia. The red dot on the extreme south-east is the Diego Garcia airport. If they had taken Penang as the last known location as far as radar is concerned, Diego Garcia would have probably been even closer. Diego Garcia is now officially within four hours range of the place where the transponders shut off!

This may also help explain why a Malaysian plane was targeted, as opposed to an Indonesian plane Indonesia is already in the hands of the Globalists, and therefore never gets any brinkmanship from Communist China, which is a creation of the Globalists. Malaysia has a bustling economy, but the Globalists prefer plantation style economies, such as neighbouring Indonesia, which is completely under Globalist control. Since Malaysia cannot be subject to the so-called War on Terror unless they start openly supporting Al-Qaida, the only other alternative the Globalists have is to feed it to China, and the Panda will invite itself for lunch, Al-Qaida or not.

And despite such high level corruption, the deliberately concealed fact that the plane had reversed course and moved Westwards did come out, albeit in a muffled way. It is unlikely that such disclosure would have ever happened in any of the neighbouring Globalist-dominated countries. Compared to Globalist dominated Indonesia, Malaysia has gotten away with prosperity.

But for how long? Passengers connected to the Global Elite usually receive advance warnings. It would be interesting to know what their latest projects were. It is unclear whether or not the company counted the NSA among its clients. To quote Wikipedia on the company,. In the s, one of the U.

Apollo 11 was particularly significant for hundreds of employees involved in designing, testing and producing its electronics. A division of Motorola, which became Freescale Semiconductor, supplied thousands of semiconductor devices, ground-based tracking and checkout equipment, and 12 on-board tracking and communications units. A transponder received and transmitted voice and television signals and scientific data. While they have been ruled out as hijackers, the Powers That Be sometimes do use Iranians for dirty work.

There was also an attempt to portray them as favourably as possible. Passenger social media accounts on the Chinese social media QQ site show the passengers to be online! They are mum about the radars at Diego Garcia picking up anything unusual. The three cities might be Kuala Lumpur Beijing and…….. The two countries may be Malaysia and China, and it is clear that the whole operation was meant to create a serious rift between the two.

Terkini mh370 26 mac 2014

It is unclear if this incident is related. Anwar was being tried for sodomy. The younger man left was identified as Pouiria Nur Mohammad Mehrdad, 19, said by police in Malaysia to be an Iranian asylum seeker on his way to Germany to meet his mother. The older man right remains unknown. Watch those legs and bag! If suppose we are to assume that the plane was indeed diverted to Diego Garcia, it is reasonable to assume that the plane and its passengers would not be kept there indefinitely.

If we are to follow the logic of some devoted conspiracy theorists who are pursuing this on other forums, the plane and its passengers would be flown to the Eastern mainland of the United States, over the Atlantic Ocean to escape scrutiny and comparatively less distance than the other way around. But why are we discussing this here? To quote ,. Members of the South Carolina Air National Guard are conducting an air defense exercise along the coast.

Add to that, there is historical precedent suggesting that some very suspicious crashes at sea may have been more than just crashes. The following are some well known examples. The Congressman was on a mission to warn the South Korean leadership that the United States government had been compromised by the Soviets.

The plane disappeared at sea. They were being transferred from a bank in America to a bank in Switzerland. None of these were ever recovered. It is possible that the plane was diverted to a Canadian airport.