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Undoing Font Book

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If you prefer one-trick-pony applications, FontNuke clears your font cache and restarts your Mac with one mouse click. Just like Tweak Freak, FontNuke is free. Clearing your font cache isnit an end-all cure for application problems, but it is a often overlooked fix thatis always worth a try.

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The Apple Card is Bullet Proof. Caches are collections of previously calculated data. They can speed up your computer because it does not have to reprocess the original information every time. Likewise, font caches allow your Mac to speed up the use of installed fonts because all the stuff your Mac had to calculate to make your font appear on the screen, has already been done. uses cookies.

But, of course, if the original font has changed, and the font cache does not know about it, then the data stored in it is outdated and most likely wrong. Typical symptoms include:. If this happens to you, delete the font from Font Book or whatever third-party utility you use.

Afterwards, you have two options:. Starting with Shift should cause your Mac to delete and rebuild its caches, amongst which the font cache. Once your login screen comes up, log in to your user, and restart again, this time without the Shift key.

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Important: restarting twice is essential, because the first restart with Shift deletes the root of all evil, the font cache. But because it is starting in Safe Mode , some kernel extensions are not loaded, and your Mac may not appear as performant and snappy as usual. So, the second restart without Shift boots your Mac normally again. That is OK, because it is rebuilding its caches.

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Should this not help, or if you simply want to avoid restarting twice, open up your Terminal. If you type them, each line must be finished by pressing the Return key; if you paste them, you may need to press Return to confirm the entry of the third line. The first code line will prompt you for your password. Type it anyway and confirm by pressing the Return key:.

How to clear font corruption in OS X with these Terminal commands - TechRepublic

And now, restart your Mac. No, really, open the Apple menu in the top left corner and choose Restart. Since you are on a Mac, you can put these exact commands in an AppleScript, and make it conveniently available in the Script menu. Thus, you do not need to remember the Terminal voodoo or go looking for this blogpost again.

Eliminating Font Cache Problems

Click on the button with the hammer icon Compile the Script to verify the code. If you plan on using Font Book in conjunction with a third-party font-management solution, we recommend reviewing the documentation of the third-party solution, or contacting the vendor, concerning any potential conflicts between the two. If you want to reset Font Book for a single user: 1. Trash the com. At the Terminal prompt, type the following command exactly as written : atsutil databases -removeUser.

Press Return. Terminal responds with Removing: followed by the path to the user's font cache folder; atsutil is the system font-registration utility.

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Trash the fb. Note : the fb. Deleting this file will result in enabling all disabled fonts and the loss of any font libraries you have created. Note that font libraries are not font collections. This file contains are your preferences for Font Book.

How to clear out the Cache on macOS Mojave 10.14

Locate and trash your font cache folder: If you are the first user defined on your Mac, you will find a folder therein named