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The simple, elegant interface makes it easier to keep an eye on all your projects. It is a predictive algorithm with priority-based scheduling that automatically predicts resource availability and the time it will take for tasks to complete. The algorithm calculates this based on best-case and worst-case scenarios. TeamGantt makes it to the 2 nd spot on our list of the best Gantt chart software and programs.

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It is a stress-free experience managing project timelines and scheduling tasks within this tool. The app really takes only a couple of minutes for any team to get started. Signing up for TeamGantt gives you 30 days of unlimited access, so you can really test this Gantt chart software out before you decide to invest in it.

After the 30 days, you can either upgrade by paying or use the Free plan on TeamGantt, which does come with a few limitations. Guest access to Gantt charts is also not offered on the Free plan. You might already be familiar with GanttPRO.

With over , people on the platform, GanttPRO is definitely a safe bet. Tasks, subtasks, milestones, dependencies, progress tracking, cost estimations, prioritization, and more — all within one comprehensive Gantt chart software to visualize team progress. There is also a built-in workload tracking and management module, which shows if anyone on your team is over- or under-burdened. GanttPRO also provides a bunch of templates to give you a headstart. Our 4 th recommendation for the best Gantt chart software is Wrike.

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  • Free Gantt Chart Template | Make a Gantt Chart in Excel | TeamGantt.

Now, most of us are already familiar with this one. Wrike is an extensive project management software used by large teams and organizations for complex project management requirements. Wrike is not easy to navigate, and onboarding for the team might become a little challenging. However, since it is one of the most comprehensive project and portfolio management solutions in the market, you can easily depend on the platform with all your needs, including your need to integrate Gantt chart software within all your projects.

Easy Projects is a great project management software used by teams of all sizes to collaborate together. Easy Projects is simple, and it works well with everyone. It offers an interactive Gantt chart tool, which you can use to not only visualize team progress but also manage and delegate work.

The visual interface for this Gantt chart software gives you an accurate picture for each task; when it started, how long it remained in progress and exactly when it was completed. It also highlights task dependencies, that are critical for a project lifecycle. Workzone is another great tool for collaboration that integrates Gantt chart software into all of its project views. It includes a project dashboard where users can easily view the projects listed by other team members, start and end dates, task statuses, percentage of completion, and more.

Another great feature that comes with Workzone is its templates. You can set up your project or task once, and save its template to repeat later. This saves a lot of time. There is also a master group calendar to track deadlines across all tasks on all projects, which is a relatively specific requirement for enterprise users having to oversee a lot of tasks and projects simultaneously.

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How to Make a Gantt Chart in Numbers for Mac + Template

So, that was it. Which tool did you like the most? Thanks for the roundup, Steve. Let me expand your list a little. This is a robust project management tool that helps to manage tasks, resources, and workload, track progress, collaborate with your team, etc. Hopefully, you will take a chance to review it and include it in your list as well. Another suggestion for your list is Projectslite, which is an excel based Scheduling tool. Thanks for recommending Projectslite, Dennis. I will have a look and see if it can be included in my roundup.

Hey Steve, Thank you for the list. It is really great! Steve, I would suggest also to pay attention to Instagantt in the Standalone Version. I use it every day. Have a great day Steve and continue preparing great rankings! Your email address will not be published.

You can also adjust the period you want to highlight by entering a number or choosing one from the drop-down box at the top. This template offers a nice color contrast for easy reading and is great for detailed project management. If you are not quite sure which entries you want to manually enter to adjust your Gantt chart, check out this option from TeamGantt.

The workbook has three tabs including a complete manual chart, manual end date chart, and manual duration chart. This gives you the flexibility of choosing which to use for your specific project. The key at the bottom of each Gantt chart tab shows you which cells are calculated and which are manual to make it even simpler to use.

Every complex project consists of multiple components.

How to make a Gantt chart in Excel 2010, 2013, 2016 and 12222

The Work Breakdown Structure can help you identify all the steps and put them into sequence. Read More for your project, this template from Vertex42 might be the one you want. You can pop in your WBS number per task for an easy transfer from a written to visual project management format.

The template has a slider at the top to view various periods quickly and a small help section at the bottom for assistance with data entry and settings. If you like this template, you can take a look at what the Pro Version offers by clicking that tab in the workbook. It has spots for numbering, tasks and four levels of subtasks as well as a resource assignment field. You can include your duration, actual duration, completion percentage, projected and actual end dates, and then values for assigned, complete, and remaining.

The bar chart is very easy to read with a good contrast of colors. Fields update automatically with your entries making this template a terrific overall Gantt chart for detailed projects. Template Lab offers a variety of other Gantt chart options for you to check out when you visit their page, but this one is called Gantt Chart Template If you want to use PowerPoint for your Gantt chart, the selection can be limited. But, this template from Template. You can include timeline sections, subtasks, dates, and milestones by week.

The appearance of the template makes it super easy to read while at the same time being useful. Also, take a peek at the second slide that gives you details on the Office Timeline PowerPoint add-in for automatic chart updates. Office Timeline offers another nice template for PowerPoint. Different than the one from Template. It allows you to concentrate on and highlight duration with a timeline from start to finish. Although, you can still pop in the task names with a color-coded bar as well. If you want to stick with a PowerPoint Gantt chart template, but begin with a cleaner, uncluttered appearance, this is likely the template you want.

Excel Gantt Chart Template

When the project you are managing requires you to also include baseline and budget costs, GanttExcel. Fill in your tasks and subtasks, add your durations, and see the template update your timeline and dates automatically. Here are five sites that have got what you're looking for. Read More. Just keep in mind that you must enable those after downloading the template. Then, double-click on cells to enter a complete amount of data including the costs per task, resources, and budget numbers.

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  7. Do you need to bring your project down to an hourly management plan? Also for PowerPoint, this template from Office Timeline lets you do just that.

    Free Excel Gantt Chart Template: Step-by-Step Instructions

    A complete day displays on the timeline and you can adjust the tasks and accompanying times down to the minute for each. While this might be too much micro-management for some, it is a necessity for others. It depends on your project and preference. So, if an hourly Gantt chart suits your needs and PowerPoint fits your skills, this is an excellent template. For a very basic Gantt chart with manual entries, you can get a quick glance at your timeline How to Make Your Project a Success with Excel Templates How to Make Your Project a Success with Excel Templates Excel templates are an essential tool in the portfolio of an effective project manager.

    The Best Gantt Chart Software of 12222

    Even in the smallest project, templates can make your life easier and save significant time. We have compiled a selection. You just enter your tasks and then adjust the timeline bars manually.