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I sometimes watch UK programmes through FilmOn. Will it screw up settings on the Livebox causing problems elsewhere in the scheme of things? Your Livebox then is untouched. Jet Lag's right. After buying the extra router, already dd-wrt flashed we didn't attempt to do the flashing ourselves , through this thread, we followed Jet Lag's instruction exactly. We now have a cascaded router linked to the Livebox.

It was the second router that got the Unlocator settings. In erffect we've got a second network, set to use Unlocator, to which everything links. It all works brilliantly and we get fast, high quality Netflix and iplayer on PCs.

Besoin de contacter l'assistance technique ?

The only hitch is our Manhatten Flaza HD S freesat box linked to the TV which isn't playing iplayer properly and we've been given one or two ideas to try for that. We've systemically narrowed it down to the freesat box. Unlocator is working brialliantly with everything else and was very simple to set up and I would have no hesitation in recommending it at the end of a proper set up as above. Re the router Asus RT n66U , some vpns sell them ready dd-wrt flashed and set up but we didn't want to be tied to one vpn and as it turns out the Unlocator service is superb. So we got this ready dd-wrt flashed through a reliable seller on ebay.

A note on the Plaza HD S free sat box and iplayer which loads up and then on trying to actually play a programme says "the content appear not to be working, please try again later". The software's up to date 1. So have emailed Manhattan support. As I've said everything else is now working great and we have Iplayer and Netflix on the PCs no probs. For info there is a dd-wrt router advertised on AngloInfo Normandy, here. This problem has probably been resolved, but I thought I could add my 2 cents worth.

Over the years I have created various home networks, using both the standard orange router and SFR Router, adding any standard storage devices to them directly, Via USB. Actually, I was even able to save files when I was abroad to my mass storage unit connected to my home router.

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If you have a standard printer without WiFi, this too can be conected to the router, allowing anyone in the home to print to it without playing around with the cables. With regards to a the submask net, so that you have DHCP allocating IP address to computers so that they can connect to the internet, and having a submask for music Why bother? From a traffic point of view, its the same, if anything, you are making DHCP on routers work harder, which can slow things down if not setupo correctly.

Internet of Things | Belimo

More food for thought, please remember that if you decide to have two routers in the home, one for internet access and the other for media; films, music etc, you have to make sure that the channels are different, otherwise this will slow everything up. I have gone this route with the two routers as I like streaming music, Like sonas, but using my existing hifi's, ghetto blasters etc.

I download my music loacally, which syncronises to my storage unit on the network. This then allows for other user on the network to access the music downloaded without the need to connect to my machine. If you are trying to get uk TV, why don't you just use NaxiX I guess it depends on your location. There are VPN services that are intended for certain countries. However, you may look into top 10 VPN Service providers. You may also read other genuine reviews to see which one is the best and fits to your needs.

I'm in the same position as ramblinannie - same country, same provider, same Livebox, same Asus router flashed with dd-wrt and, alas, same inability to create a network route through the Livebox between the 2 routers since Orange FR helpfully removed the routing tab from the advanced setting when they "updated" the firmware If anyone has achieved a solution that doesn't involve a soldering iron could you please post it?

I have not logged onto AngloInfo recently - it is a shade of what it was three years ago!! Recent Discussions. Has anyone managed to get a vpn router working with Livebox or indeed any additional router working with Livebox? If you want to work on a freelance or contract basis, but are concerned about setting up as self-employed in France, there is an easy alternative.

WeirdAl Yes, it is possible. Jet Lag Yes, can be done. Really depends on which VPN provider and whether they throttle your internet speeds. Good luck Like.

Google Chromecast Audio

Frelon If you are cascading routers then the IP on your dd-wrt router must be set to It is important that when cascading routers it is the second to last digit that you change. Jet Lagg Connect your computer to your secondary router Asus, dd-wrt and access the web-based configuration menu. Only now can you change the VPN settings on your Asus router. Which VPN provider are you going with? Look for a VPN that offers specific support for dd-wrt; saves all the trial and error! Jet Lagg Well, that is a result then!!

Well done. Check your VPN is working here. Jet Lagg I have been using Unlocator and obtaining a good Netflix connection. Jet Lagg If that does not work try here. Not really good enough for streaming but good enough for downloading and watching later. Hope your speeds are better!

Comment configurer HIK-CONNECT ?

Jet Lagg For those of you wanting to experiment with Unlocator have a look here. Good luck. Frelon 3rd Hairy Biker says "Steer clear of the freebies and the cheapies". The mind is like a parachute - it is best when it is open! I would avoid the free ones I can't see them offering free support Like. Jet Lagg ramblingannie - I am running my dd-wrt router directly into my Panasonic Smart TV and all working well.

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Jet Lagg Assuming your Livebox is At present the only Apps available in Europe are Netflix and YouTube but if this is anything like the USA there will be more Apps added during Using Chromecast you will be able to "cast" anything you are watching on your PC wirelessly to the TV, providing you are using Google Chrome as your browser. Do a bit of research before taking the leap into the unkown! Crissyb Ramblingannie did you have a look at the link I gave you?

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    Commentaires Actuels bon article ca m'a bien servi. Tres clair et bien fait. Parfait, c'est exactement ce que je cherchais. C Activation du service Hik-Connect 1. Cochez la case "Activer" 3. Renseignez les champs 3. Rendez-vous sur l'interface de votre Box internet pour faire une redirection de port sans redirection de port le service DDNS ne fonctionnera pas 3.