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How can I customize the startup and close options in Skype on desktop? | Skype Support

Apps can start at login through two obvious ways: they are launched by the system at login, or the program automatically adds itself to the login items. Uncheck that box, and the app will not run at login in the future.

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In most cases these boxes control whether or not the app is added to the launchd processes mentioned below. Removing those processes from launchd without telling the app will often just result in their reinstallation the next time the app opens. Login processes can also be started using launchd. This service runs in the background, firing off windowless processes when you log in.

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An agent runs on behalf of the logged-in user, while a daemon runs under the root user. If your app backs up files or adjusts system processes, it could be stored in this location instead. The easiest way to eliminate launch processes is by removing every trace of an application. However, if the app is still installed on your Mac, it will likely be reinstalled on next launch. So, in general, you want to remove processes after uninstalling the application.

The simplest way to remove the application from startup is through the application itself.

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Click "Applications" from the box that opens, select the program to add, then click "Add. Click the padlock icon to save your changes and prevent additional, unauthorized modification. Restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

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How to Change/Add/Remove Startup Programs on Mac