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720p And 1080p HD Web Cameras For Mac

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Connect any type of wired camera. Format Converter.

Review: Creative Live! Cam Connect HD

Frame-accurate live switching and compositing, up to 4K Graphics, media, transitions and everything you need from a world-class production switcher. Powerful, Layered Broadcast Graphics. Add live picture-in picture or media sources. Live Interviews Using Only a Browser Invite anyone to join your live broadcast using a compatible browser and their webcam. Live Interview Demo.

Mac Compatible Webcam Reviews

Frame-accurate Media Playback 1. Virtual Camera Crop from 4K Create virtual cameras from any single camera input. Adobe Premiere. Hardware Acceleration Use Studio on your laptop!

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Transitions Use Studio on your laptop! Stinger Studio now offers stinger transitions that let you switch from one video source to another with short, slick animations. And make it happen. Is your camera compatible?


Check here. Coupled with Cam Link 4K, your camera appears as a webcam in all your favorite apps. Superb quality at p60 or even up to 4K at 30 frames per second keeps your stream professional. Ultra-low-latency technology gets you up and running on your favorite platform in no time. And your camera has never felt more powerful.

Mac Compatible Webcam News : Apple Web Camera Reviews

Say goodbye to maxing out your memory card mid-shoot. Or worse, discovering shoddy shots while editing. When recording with Cam Link 4K, all content is stored directly on your hard drive.

The Most Versatile Live Switcher

While real-time, full-screen feedback lets you polish scenes on the spot. Playing games, unboxing gadgets, mixing beats — whatever makes your world spin — Cam Link 4K puts it live on your computer for effortless mass distribution. All you need to do is connect your camera, and let the show begin.

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  5. Is your camera compatible with Cam Link? There is a screw hole under the base, so you can fix it on tripod as you like. Are you annoyed for your poor quality and out-of-date PC camera you have in hand?

    Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

    Maybe you are considering to have one good Streaming camera, but prohibitive for the high price. It is time to check it out!!! High light Features: 1. With H. Facial-enhancement Technology Automatically image optimization makes you look more beautiful in the video.