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The good news is, that you can adjust pretty much any external hard drive that can plug into both your Mac and your PC. In effect, change the drive so that both systems can read and write to it. If you want to skip the background information and find out what you need to have first for an interchangeable drive, click here.

Or if you want to cut straight to how to make your external hard drive for Mac and PC interchangeable. Click here to pop straight down to that section of this post. Apple bought the rights from Microsoft.


Moving Data Between Two Systems Using an External Hard Drive (for MacOS)

Rights that allow their computers to format and read ExFAT file systems. This means that as long as you can plug the hard drive in, you only need to adjust the formatting of the drive. Then your Mac and Windows PC can read and write to that drive. In the same way an application designed for a Mac must run on a Mac. You can store program files on a shared hard drive. But when you run these programs they must be run on the machine meant for them. This file system is how your PC finds its operating system, your documents, photos, mp3s In fact anything you've saved.

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And has been the default file system for Windows based computers since then. Of course it has gone through a few iterations and upgrades since that time. It got over some the file restrictions of FAT Windows PCs cannot read the new Apple file system drives. This means you can copy files from an external hard drive formatted in NTFS to your Mac and use them there. An ExFAT external hard drive means you can freely interchange files.

Your Mac will need to set up your chosen drive before it's shared.

Macs are very choosy about the drives they will write to. USB 2.

USB 3. Not sure on the differences between USB ports have a look at my article on connecting up an external hard drive. There is an explanation in that article with pictures of the different USB standards. A large enough external hard drive. One big enough to hold everything you want to put on it. Don't scrimp here, you'll regret it later. You can go ahead without step 1. It will only take you a few minutes, I'll tell you how, so why worry about it. But if you can't and you still need to make your hard drive interchangeable with Mac and PC. Take a look at my document. And you are going to need to do that step first.

If the drive needs an external power supply, plug that in ahead of connecting up the USB cable. If the drive icon hasn't appeared on the desktop and you're not sure what to do next.

How to make external hard drive compatible with Mac and PC?

Take a look at my article " Connecting up an external hard drive on a Mac ". The icon for Spotlight search should be at the top of your desktop. This is how you set up the formatting of the external hard drive. You can also select the formatting - the file system you want. Once you have selected the ExFAT formatting you'll be able to click on the Erase button at the bottom right of that screen.

Corrupting the hard drive makes it unreadable by your Mac. This is because both Mac OS and Windows will hold some information in its memory. This information will only get written down to the hard drive when you tell it to. Ejecting your external hard drive tells Mac OS to write that information down to the drive. Then you can safely remove the drive from the computer.

You eject your external hard drive from a Windows PC as well. Hover over the Icon for the external hard drive on the desktop. Right click and select the Eject option. Wait till the fan stops moving if your external drive has a fan or for the light on the hard drive to go off. Still feeling in the dark about creating an external hard drive for Mac and Windows? Would you like to see the reformatting done? I have chosen this YouTube video as one of the best to view. And in this post I have shown you how to take a drive that wont work for PC and Mac and make it shareable.

I have shown you how to format hard drive for Mac and Windows. Buy a hard drive already formatted as ExFAT. Some drives come with downloadable software that provides compatibility. The only thing is, when you upgrade your Mac or PC's operating system is the software still compatible. Often it isn't.

Formatting From a PC

Which is why, in my opinion, formatting the drive yourself is the safest way to go. You can share and watch the same videos and photos. Listen to the same MP3s. Work on the same files - as long as you have suitable applications that can read those files. I hope by now you feel fully up to speed on how to create an external hard drive. A drive that is interchangeable between a Mac and a PC,. With the help of this article you will happily swap files back and forth between your Mac and Windows PC. Not sure how to use an external hard drive?

You can take a look at my article on how to connect an external hard drive. Jump down to the section on how to use an external hard drive to find out how. If you'd like to choose a suitable external hard drive to share between a Mac and a PC. You can take a look at the ones I consider the best.

How to Set Up and Use a External Drive for Both Mac & Windows

Curious about the good ones? Find out here. It eliminates the two major deficiencies of FAT32, which has no limitation on partition size or file sizes. It's a great way to share external hard drive between Mac and Windows. NTFS is the default file system on Windows.

But due to technical reasons and copyright issue, macOS only enables NTFS read support, but doesn't enable write support. NTFS Assistant offers us not only the cheapest price in App Store, but also the fast speed when transferring bulky files. Aside from what mentioned above, iBoysoft Drive Manager is also a wonderful manager for external drives and network drives. With it, we only need to set the network drive once and later directly mount it when needed. Simply click from the menu bar, we can mount, unmount network drives and external drives including external hard drive, USB flash drive, SD card, memory card, CF card, pen drive.

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How to Share an External Hard Drive Between Mac and Windows | Digital Trends

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