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In order to always improve your TV experience we are working really hard on new features that we hope will change your approach to watching TV. More details in future versions of OhMyCouch! The application is compatible with m3u format and can connect to any server providing this type of file. Connect and Enjoy your favorite shows with OhMyCouch! Skip to content Introducing OhMyCouch! Updates: New version coming soon! Go and get it! Watch the trailer of a movie or a tv shows and make sure the movie is right for you! I have UMS running on my Mac. I guess that points to there being a problem with the VLC iOS port, but I just wanted to ask here if anyone had figured out how to make it work.

Same blank file listing screen. For real time streaming, I am using VLC streamer, which works very good over wifi nerwork. One issue is that sound quality is awful, especially noticeable on music. I don't much like either of those though, because they're so heavily based on free software, but none of the money they get from App Store sales or ads goes back to the people who wrote it.

MikroTik: URGENT security advisory

But it isn't, it's just some guy somewhere. In the meantime, I've had some success with Serviio.

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It's not open source, but at least it's free to use. I had to mess around with the config files a bit to get real-time transcoding working, but now it's going quite well. Sound quality seems good to me.

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In this workshop, we shall show you the procedure under Windows. Linux and MAC users can follow the workshop similarly with a little variation up to the installation. Once the installation is done, the server can be configured via any web browser.

Next, you would require the network to be configured. Ensure your drivers are set up and the computer is connected to a router along with other computers on the network. Now that the computer is ready, all you need is a media server utility from Twonky. Twonky is nothing but a server utility meant to serve multimedia content, which includes photos, music and video, to other devices on the network.

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It uses standard DLNA protocols that are accessible by almost all network-enabled devices available today. Twonky is available for Rs 1, and can be tried out for a day period too.

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Download and install the Twonky Media Manager from here. Twonky Media Manager is a single package utility that includes a media player and the media server for the same cost. Once you install it, you will find the Twonky Media Server running in the system tray.

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Right click on the service icon and click on settings. Now we need to configure the server. It will take you only a few minutes to get the server set up and running. The moment you click on the settings option, the default web browser will pop up with the settings page of the server.

Logitech Media Server [Archive] - Page 23 - Squeezebox : Community : Forums

The first page is the status. Here you will find the license key number that needs to be entered if you have purchased it. Ignore it if you are using it in the trial period. Click ahead to the Setup link.

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Here you need to give a name for your server. This name will be the streaming server's name on your network and your media clients will detect it accordingly.