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The Best of Mac Dre | Revolvy

Starters In The Game Feb Ice Cream Feat. Thizz Or Die! Volume 4 Mar Volume 3 Mar Furley Ghost Compilation Apr The Best of Mac Dre - Vol. The Dre Area Apr Da Nation May Dre Day July 5th, Jul Rompalation III Jul Get the Green feat. P-Reek [Explicit] Ain't a Pimp feat. Vellqwan, J. Fully Loaded [Explicit] This Lifetime feat. Diggs [Explicit] Made for This feat. Tha Suspex [Explicit] Rompt Out feat.

Diggs [Explicit] On One feat. Diggs Sawyer St Dwella feat.

Mac Dre - Too hard for the effin radio

Sleep Dank [Explicit] Crestside Funk feat. Intro [Explicit] Cutthoat Niggas feat. Mac Dre [Explicit] Millionaire Gangstas feat. What It Thizz? Oct For The Streets Dec My Homeboyz Chevy ft. Mac Dre, Nickatina Thizzle Mountain ft. Mac Dre Gon B Trouble ft. I've Been Done. Since Promo Drop.

If It Ain't Real. Thizzle Dance. Rapper Gone Bad. Boss Tycoon. Stupid Doo Doo Dumb. Not My Job. I'm Playa 2 Playa. It's Raining Game. Zion I. Feelin Myself. Too Hard For The Radio. That's What's Sup. Suga Free. Raining Game. Genie of the Lamp. Can U Hear Me Now. Hotta Than Steam. Livin It. Shout N Scream. What U Got For Me. Everything She Do. All Gravy. Crest Shit Remix. Ice Ya Chain. Wake Up. Mac Dre Dance Break.

Pimp Rapper. Treal Man. Into Something. My Homeboyz Chevy. Thizzle Mountain. Gon B Trouble. Get U Higher. In Here. I'm A Gangsta. Gurpin Out My '74 Bonneville. Bay Thang. She's Neva Seen. Goin For Blood Remix. Let Yourself Go. Ride To It Instrumental. Life Fades Away. Mac Dre Intro.

Welcome to Beatport

Ain't Wit It. Another Feature. Claim to Be a Mac. Hit Hard. This is My Year. The Funk is Endless. Check My Description. Backwoods Swisher Sweet. Bosses Will Be Bosses. Can't Fucc Wit Us Remix. Just Lace-N-Em. DJ Vlad Intro. The Pain. Tha Lineup. Stool Pigeon. Ice Cream II. Boss Tycoom. Something You Should Know.

Video Game Reviews

Dipped When You See Me. Can't No Nigga. Since ' Miss You. First Time I Seen Her. What You Got for Me. Sex, Drugs, Rap. David Rims. Have You Eva.

Search results for 'me and my amigos by mac dre'

The Thizzle Dance. Let's Go. Bleezies and Heem. Unda Doggz. All I Want to Do. Old Off. Get Loud. Grown Shit. Feeling Myself. Too Hard for the Radio. Don't Hate the Playa 2.

The Primer: 10 Mac Dre Songs Everyone Should Know

Roll On Out. I Feed My Bitch. Lots of Paper. Take Yo Panties Off. California Livin. Game Goes. Help Me. Take Off All of Our Clothes. So Hard. Cal Bear. Nothin' Correctable. Han Solo. Since "84", "94", "04". Doogie Wit It. All Da Time. West Coast Pimp. Hands Made 4 Holdin Grands. Roll Wit. On Da Run. Quarter Backin. Life a Movie. What You Like.


Zero Tolerance. The Fast Way. Wild Night. My Folks. Hyphy Like. Just A Touch of Game. Dirty Money. My Block. A real laidback carefree type track that is percussion driven. Perfect for an artist like M. Something played late at night, after you get back from the club. This is an very uptempo dirty electro-pop dance beat that is perfect for the radio. A great top 40 smash hit. This instrumental definitely has that island feel to it! A very reggae-pop vibe! An uplifting beat perfect for a rapper like TI or B. B or a talented singer! An uptempo high-energy pop dance instrumental!

I hear Chris Brown on this beat. Great for a rapper like B. This one is very powerful and can be a serious hit. Beyonce would be perfect for this. A hard melodic dirty south instrumental that is great for rappers. A laid back smooth rap beat perfect for a rapper to tell a story. A real synthy happy and bouncy instrumental that would work great for someone like Sean Kingston. Great track to let it all out! A smooth and sexy drum driven live sounding instrumental perfect for a rapper or singer. A fast paced crazy hip-hop instrumental ready for a talented rapper to jump on it. An aggressive thumping hip hop banging beat perfect for a rapper.

Pick this instrumental up as soon as possible. Perfect for a singer! A musical and emotional dirty south banger. A rapper could definitely tell a story on this beats. An aggressive hip-hop beat perfect for an angry rapper to get on. This beat begs for 50 Cent to get on it! A melodic dirty south banger that's perfect for a rapper to get on! A real cool mid-tempo pop track that could work great with the right artist. A haunting and dark club banger with big drums and moving percussive elements.

A nice sampled grimey boom bap hip-hop beat. Rappers need to get on this one! A live sounding full band type beat that is great for rappers and singers alike. Bouncy hip hop instrumental great for many rappers. A nice laid back hip hop banger that is perfect for smooth rappers talking about a girl. A serious hip-hop musical banger! Pick this one up while its still available! This is a smooth and sexy radio-friendly crossover beat that works for both a rapper and a singer! A piano driven uptempo hip-hop crossover track perfect for both a rapper or singer.

It has a ballady feel but could work for a hip-hop artist too. Keri Hilson would kill this track. Singers need to get on this one. An aggressive hip-hop track perfect for a lyrical rapper! Get on this instrumental right away. A club banger perfect for the radio.

The high pitched woodblock sound with hard hitting drums is a perfect combination. A seriously hot club banger right here! Perfect for a rapper to jump on! Jason Derulo or Jay Sean would kill this one. A hot sampled hip-hop smash with a lot of attitude. Perfect to get your anger out on. Rappers need to get on this one. An uptempo dirty south beat with really exciting drum elements. A hard hip-hop joint with cool synth elements. A hot and aggressive rap beat with very nice club elements. Rappers need to get on it as soon as possible. Perfect for someone like Ne-Yo or The Dream.

A hot new school club banger with a crazy snare perfect for a rapper that wants to be out of the box. A dirty south banger perfect for TI!

This is very melodic and radio ready! Street banger perfect for a deep rapper or someone like 50 Cent. This is straight gangster! Dre would be proud about this one. Real street banger. A real nice synthy pop track that would work great for either a cool rapper or singer. This track is very versatile. It would work for Mike Posner but could also work for someone like Britney Spears. An uptempo aggressive club banger with hard hitting drums and cool synth sounds. This is an alternative pop track with plucking guitars and hard drums. Great for a female singer! Uptempo smash hit perfect for someone like Britney Spears.

A dance pop beat ready for the radio. A beat perfect for Mariah Carey. Really nice instrumentation for a female singer to write and record over. A hit single right here! A real smooth and cool beat that has crossover appeal.