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Especially if you have hundreds, thousands sans serif fonts :D. Last time I tried with lots of fonts installed it was pretty slow, too.

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It seems good for very light use though. Ive been a suitcase user forever and have no complaints. Its really not that expensive for a tool that your going to use day in a day out. My needs for a font manager are very few, but I really like Typeface. I find Ultra Character Map to be very useful. I use Typeface, if you don't need features like activation font ecc… but just want to browse through your collection is a very good option.

As a font power user for many years who misses the reliability of Font Reserve acquired and ruined by Suitcase I would suggest strongly to skip Suitcase, especially if you have a robust font collection.

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Focused on fonts

It's glitchy, somehow fonts manage to become corrupt over time, and their customer support is some of the worst I've encountered. I switched to RightFont and it's much better, but lacks powerful organizational features and you would miss that if you are used to FontExplorer.

I am now trying FontBase and hoping it does the trick. Designer News is a large, global community of people working or interested in design and technology. I need help. Log in. Join Us Designer News is where the design community meets. Register now. Login to Comment You'll need to log in before you can leave a comment.

Register Today New accounts can leave comments immediately, and gain full permissions after one week. You should take a look at RightFont. Yes, RightFont supports to sync fonts via iCloud. That's an awesome way of putting it ;. TypeFace 2 also pulls ahead of the competition with its minimalistic user interface and seamless flow between the menus. The app is capable of automatically organizing the imported fonts by creating a different folder.

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The makers of this software understand that staring at fonts for long might cause eye strain and this is the reason they have included a Dark Mode. Fontbase is the only free Mac-based font manager in this list and yet it can match pace with some of the paid premium alternatives. The font management on Font base is handled via a nested expanding menu and the basic user interface adds to the simplicity. Other highlights of Fontbase include the ability to drag and drop fonts and preview multiple fonts at once.

On the flipside, the grid view option is restricted to FontBase Pro.

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If you are on a lookout for a basic free font management tool for Mac then Fontbase is a good pick. Most of us have a hard time remembering font names. The best part is the way this web app functions. This is a pretty useful feature as other alternatives restrict font canning to a single directory.

Lastly, Wordmark.

Glyphs | Create – Produce – Release | Font Editing for Everyone

Flipping Typical is yet another browser-based font manager that can be used for your Mac. This tool lets you type and compare the fonts in a single go. It automatically detects the fonts in your computer across all the font library requires Flash. Font Picker is a free font management app for your Mac.


The app lets you mark fonts as favorites and view all the available fonts in a single menu. Font Picker is a simple tool aimed at helping you preview fonts. The tool is also available as a web app and it is here that the things start getting dull. Typeface is a simple font manager for Mac OS Its interface mainly consists of a handy preview window with font blocks. By clicking on a text you get information on the font, as well as on all the characters included in this font family which will be displayed.

Designer News

In the next tab, you can specify the text that you want to use in the preview. Unfortunately, we didn't manage to find a feature to select font combinations in Typeface, even though it's one of the most popular features for designers. Additional display settings are available via "View" menu.

For example, you can enable night or full-screen display modes. In order to import new fonts, click on the icon at the program window bottom and those fonts will be automatically activated in Mac OS. All sections are accessible via "smart" sidebar, including the files you've recently imported. You can filter fonts by classification through quick collections and styles. The main means of categorization are tags, filters and searching. RightFont is a tiny app for working with fonts, but saying that it has few useful features would be wrong.

The installation process is very easy and the program detects all local fonts on Mac OS. It supports such formats like OpenType, TrueType and some others. This app is easy to use for organizing web icons, for example, FontAwesome, Ionicons and Material Design. You can added icons to programs like Photoshop or Illustrator via "drag n drop". If you wish, you can also connect to Google Fonts service and its content will be available together with local one.

FontExplorer is perhaps the most functional and popular font management software for Mac OS. It supports all the formats you can imagine including web fonts. You can split fonts into sets and subcategories.