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  1. 38 Best Flight games for Mac OS
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  3. ‎Gunship III - Combat Flight Simulator - FREE on the Mac App Store

38 Best Flight games for Mac OS

Choose your favorite simulation environment, take control of a plane or chopper, then launch your craft into the atmosphere for exciting stunts and action! Ready to get started? The following list features the top 10 flight simulator games for PC and console, with a summary and overview for each option. The game boasts a sleek interface, true-to-life cockpits, and incredible world-wide scenery for unbelievably immersive play!

Originally released in , the award-winning Microsoft Flight Simulator X was totally rebooted and re-released for modern day play. Hop into the cockpit of your favorite aircraft and fly across the world to over 24, different destinations. Build spaceships and launch them into the atmosphere with your own Kerbal Space Program.

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Take control of the wheel and engage in exciting flights, maneuvering through space as you please. Get in zee choppa! Take on new contracts, go on missions, and build an aircraft empire! Rise of Flight was an acquisition by aviation game experts Studios, as it fits perfectly into their portfolio of realistic combat flight simulators.

The premise? The era is World War I, and aircraft are making their way into battle for the first time in history. Take control of an early model aircraft to aid the allied forces against the fight against the Central Powers. The game is available on Steam today. Infinite Flight boasts breathtaking aerial graphics as well as unbelievably immersive gameplay. Moreover, it features an amazing range of aircraft, locations, and dynamic atmospheric conditions. Take to the cockpit as you explore the open world environment to enjoy the sights and test your skills as an aviation expert.

VR is the ideal platform for flight simulation games, and FlyInside is here to pioneer the industry. Slip on your headset and enter the cockpit of your favorite aircraft to sail over the entire continental United States. The game features an incredible physics engine that mimics real-life flying conditions, as well as realistic 3D models and graphics. FlyInside offers a truly immersive experience for everyday gamers and aviation aficionados alike. Jump into your favorite aircraft and explore the world in high definition.

Aerofly FS boasts environments from around the world, as well as different airport destinations and a large swath of open-world USA. Perform stunts, fly commercial aircraft, and glide over cities and states as you please. The game engine boasts realistic flight physics, and the detailed 3D environments offer the perfect eyecandy. The Pilotwings series consists of three different games. Namely, Pilotwings, Pilotwings 64, and Pilotwings Resort. The series is lauded for its innovative 3D gameplay that boasts playful elements like Hang Gliders, Jetpacks, and simple aerial craft.

Go on missions and explore the environment as you sail overhead the exciting world of Pilotwings.

Associated with the Flight genre

There are few combat flight simulators on the consumer market that compare to the realism and true-to-life mechanics of Ace Combat. Assume control of an pilot as you earn your stripes soaring through the sky and engaging in critical aerial combat missions. The game features photorealistic graphics and degree 3D movement for unbelievable detail and immersion. Ready to rumble? The Il-2 Sturmovik franchise by Russian developer Studios features amazing World War-era flight simulation games for combat junkies.

Battle of Bodenplatte is set for a release, and it features the mechanics you know and love with an entirely new storyline and immersive settings! The good news? After several delays, the official release is nearly upon us!

Top 4 best free flight simulators for android, iPhone and ipad, Windows and mac os(pc)

This epic cinematic space flight adventure has players embark on an epic journey of intrigue and interstellar missions. You can follow development and pre-order from the link above. This military simulator has players take control of the AV8B Harrier II as they embark on missions and battle it out against hostile forces. Take to the breathtaking skies as you fly through geographically accurate real-world environments to carry out orders and stop the enemy fleet. The choice of landing pads and airports is equally impressive with over 30, locations ranging from oil rigs and frigates which pitch and roll in stormy weather to commercial airports and helipads.

The level of detail is unbelievable including real world weather conditions, system failures and downloadable scenery. Check out our guide the best flight controls for Mac as to really get the best out of X-Plane and enjoy a more authentic flying experience, they really add another dimension to the simulator. You can also enjoy X-Plane for iPad and iPhone which have been scaled to work perfectly on both and are very similar to the desktop version.

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The mobile apps are free but you have to make in-app purchases to add aircraft such as Airbus A, Boeing , F-4 Phantom etc. The regions are far more limited on the mobile version than on Mac but it does support multiplayer mode and other challenges and tutorials. The obvious downside with such a massive game is it takes a lot of getting used to. The X-Plane user guide feels longer than a Boeing manual. As long as you have this, X-Plane works extremely well on Mac because although it is available on Windows and Linux, X-Plane was developed using a Mac.

‎Gunship III - Combat Flight Simulator - FREE on the Mac App Store

You can download X-Plane to judge for yourself. If the price tag or complexity of of X-Plane scares you off, then Aerofly FS is a very good compromise. Like X-Plane, you can use either keyboard, joystick, gamepad or mouse to control the plane. The controls, aerodynamics and graphics of the planes are very close to those in X-Plane and the flying environment is incredibly detailed.

That said, the detail of the terrain over the Alps is stunning.

The aircraft are nowhere near as varied as in X-Plane either. Some of these also need to be unlocked with in-app purchases. Although FlightGear works on all platforms, it does require a lot of downloading different components such as scenery and aircraft. If you can program, you can even expand the code yourself and add airports and planes for others to enjoy. In fact, putting Flightgear together from all the different downloads available is a bit of a mission in itself and we recommend watching the get started guide before jumping in. Due to the sheer number of aircraft and locations that have been contributed by users around the world, Flightgear has an incredible amount of flying possibilities and choice.

There are 20, different airports alone and there are also tons of videos uploaded by users giving you instructions how to use the planes, flying tips and more. However, all of the detail is there — the cockpits and planes have been modeled exactly like the originals and the handling feels very realistic. All the major commercial planes are there too such as Boeing and Airbus A Like X-Plane, FlightGear takes some getting used to though and downloading and uploading the different components takes a bit more time.