Delete photos from iphone on mac

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  1. Delete photos from iPhone or iPad with a Mac
  2. Easily delete photos from your iPhone or iPad with Image Capture on Mac
  3. How to Delete Synced Pictures on an iPhone

Anthony Bouchard on July 18, If you have a Mac, then you also have a really useful image importing app called Image Capture lurking in your Applications folder. I find it easiest to launch it from the Applications folder I have on my Dock. Note: You should see your entire Camera Roll when you do this. If you did intend to delete what you selected, then click the blue Delete button. The reason I say this is because your Mac has a larger screen and you can better pick and choose what photos and videos you really want to keep.

If not is there any other way? Aug 24, AM. I am having the same problem I had some photos on my iMac that i synced to the iPhone Now they are on the iPhone.

They are no longer in iPhoto or any other location on my iMac. They do not appear in image capture when the iPhone is connected to the Mac nor do I have the option to delete individual photos from the iPhone.

Delete photos from iPhone or iPad with a Mac

Please help, this is very frustrating Sep 8, PM. Oct 31, PM. Mar 16, PM in response to todd In response to todd Mar 16, PM. This is happening to me too. Before the latest iOS update, when browsing photos on the iPhone, there was a garbage can icon in the lower right corner. It's gone now. I tried the solution presented above, but they never show up in "Image Capture" so there's no way to get rid of them. They do not show up if I plug in my iPhone in iPhoto either. It's like the photos do not exist anywhere Mar 17, PM.

Mar 17, PM in response to outandproud In response to outandproud. To remove all photos on your iPhone that were transferred from your computer, deselect Sync Photos under the Photos tab for your iPhone sync preferences with iTunes followed by a syn.

If you are transferring photos from iPhoto on your Mac, you can select sync select iPhoto albums, events, ect. To remove a select photo only from your iPhone that is in an iPhoto album selected to be transferred to your iPhone, remove the photo from the iPhoto album in iPhoto followed by a sync.

This had confused me because I had not used photo sync through iTunes; what solved the problem for me was, I turned ON photo sync in iTunes but did NOT select any albums to sync. That is the only way photos can be in your iPhone's Photo Library. The photos can't get there any other way. I followed all of these steps, but there is no "delete" icon on the bottom of the screen that I can see.

It seems to only allow me to import. Has this icon moved?

Easily delete photos from your iPhone or iPad with Image Capture on Mac

I am assuming it would look like a trash can. Aug 13, PM.

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I have the same problem and there is no button or anything on the web that help you to solve this problem. The apple quality experience is declining rapidly. Sad to say!

How to Batch Delete All Pictures from Photos app Mac Macbook iMac Macbook Pro

Looks like Samsung or Microsoft is design all these apple applications. Aug 17, AM. Nov 11, AM in response to gp In response to gp In regard to the "delete" button. It is below the list of photos, it is a international "not" sign, or dating myself the "Ghostbusters" sign.

Delete photos from iPhone or iPad with a Mac

See attached screenshot. I have been using the Image Capture solution to remove photos from my iPhone for years. I synch my photos to Dropbox regularly via wifi and then from time-to-time I delete them all from my phone. They are all safe-and-sound in Dropbox, so no need for them taking up space on my iPhone. I just had a problem with Image Capture, which brought me back to this thread, but then got it working.

How to Delete Synced Pictures on an iPhone

My problem was that I could not see any of the photos for my iPhone in Image Capture. I mention this in case anyone else runs into this. Nov 11, AM.