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But over the next few days, all the pictures taken from your special night have one horrible thing in common. You're suffering from SEVERE ghostface, a dusty white cast under your eyes, from your forehead all the way down to your chin! This phenomena is known as "flashback", and we've all experienced it from one time or another.

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It's not the camera. It's not you. It's actually your makeup. The dusty, white cast that saturates your complexion in photos is caused by the SPF found in many foundations, concealers, and powders. SPF is amazing for daytime wear as protection from the sun is debatably the most important thing in a beauty routine. But the same SPF which reflects UV sun beams during the day also reflects the light of a camera's flash. In turn, you end up flashback, or ghostface—whatever you want to call it, it sucks. And for many, it may seem tedious, but for me, having a daytime and nighttime foundation is necessary.

Throughout the past few months, I've curated some of my favorite nighttime foundations—some which do contain a very low SPF—which I've found do not cause flashback.

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All of them have the potential to be extremely long-wearing, and photograph beautifully. Always prime and set with a great powder and you'll be good with these "night out on the town" foundations. This is currently my favorite foundation. Every time I put it on, I can't stop inspecting my face in the mirror, because it looks that good. It's gives you a perfectly smooth, better than flawless finish. Fingers are the quickest to apply the formula. I dont suggest spreading the foundation but instead dabbing it while applying so that the formula melts into skin and looks natural.

It can get streaky if you try to spread. I dislike using a sponge as the thin consistency can easily get wasted. But once you have spread with fingers, a damp sponge could be used to make it go sheer and natural. For foundation brushes, my Scott Barnes foundation brush white goat hair was the best to apply this formula. You can also use any stippling brush like Sigmax or MAC and the results are incredible. With synthetic flat foundation brushes like Lancome and Clinique its advisable to apply it in short strokes and dabbing or stippling motion. This has to be done with a lightening speed as formula dries up fast.

Application methods can be debatable but I personally prefer fingers. Dusting with Loose powder creates a matte effect. When topped with Mineralize skinfinish I loved that glowy sheen imparted on face and it looks picture perfect.

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MAC Pro Longwear SPF10 Foundation Review | WiseShe

I suggest applying foundation first and then using concealer as it increases the longevity of the concealer too. Its a beautiful foundation, ideally suiting everyone. Best for office wear as it needs minimal touch ups and very good for photoshoots. I also recommend flight cabin crew to go for it as the finish is flattering.

You might like reading these also Wonderful review! I might try this for summers as I have oily skin. Bad news is that the price of MAC Foundations has increased by Rs , just found out few days back!

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Great review Dr Neeraj but i am not sure how easy it will be for me to get the right shade for myself.. Plus the consistency gets a bit thicker as soon as air touches the formula although it does give u sometime to blend the product properly.

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